Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thankful Wednesdays

I owe it to writefreak.. reading through her last post made me realize that i have to stop reading and start blogging,...
what better way to start than with thanks to God

thank you Jesus for my redeploymnet to lagos (seeing the way they were killing pple in ilorin, i know u did it for me)
thank you for my job i couldnt have gotten a more reputable company
thanks for ty for protecting him even though his miles away... for his settlement and his education
thanks for giving me the strength to move on even though he isnt here
thanks for good health for my family
thank you for that stuff i asked for that i know u have already answered

thank you for smiles and laughter that are abundant in my life

thank you for love wey dey brekete for my life

thank you for SH.. even with all that shes going through i know your with her every step of the way....

thank you for my dad and his wonderful health amidst all

thank you for my colleagues and thier welcoming arms

thank you for IS even with the death of her father, the bond in her family remains strong

thank you for wonderful friends that are always there to offer a shoulder

thank you for the best boyfriend and bestfriend any body could have asked for.

thank you for love that i found so early in life and the fact that it has been sustained thru all.

thank you for my spiritual life that i have begun to ressurect

thank you for faith and all that u teach cos i know i can move mountains.

thank you for Jesus just cos i know i dont say it enough you made a big sacrifice....


Myne Whitman said...

It's always good to be thankful. I join you and wish you all the best. Abeg update more. You said there were killings in Ilorin?

BBB said...

hey girl,
they were killing people for rituals allover, it was sort of an underlying issue...because it was like the indigenes knew it usually happened that time of the year cos by 7pm everyone starts scurrying int their houses...and of cos they would'nt kill their kind..they will kill strangers.......
it was horrible....

cheap guns for sale said...

i also join you and wish you all the best. it's really good to be thankful. i m waiting for your latest updates.

cheap guns for sale said...

I am trying to find him so if any one can help me i would be so thankful i haven't seen him sence 2000. and he has to get in touch with his prole officer thank you hope to hear from someone who knows there he is.

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