Monday, November 9, 2009

Starting a mini-business

Hey guys,
Decided to go into something excluding d 9 to 5 job thats boring me outta my mind...
what you may ask..
well what does a girl love apart from shopping..
NO no shopping for clothes and shoes but grocery shopping , household items shopping ...

Stressless living
Are you a working mother or just a really busy person.. do you need help with your shopping, groceries, household items , are you tired of standing at long queues at counters at various grocery and departmental stores do you need someone to do the shopping for you.
That's were we come in..., we specialize in all types of shopping, groceries, foodstuffs, everyday household items,
Whether its shopping for foodstuffs for parties, those shopping that include going to mile 12 to buy baskets of tomatoes etc, we are here for you, for a small fee we take the stress away..
call now 08023615164
or email me at



Tisha said...

i called mine
shop 4 u
have not started it though.

My World said...

Sounds like a plan!
Wish you all da best,dearie!!!

juiceegal said...

All the best dear..i'll inform my mum about this and i'll give her the phone number

mx racing gear said...

oh really! good news! best of luck dear........

mx racing gear said...

You probably should go to your local courthouse and check the animal zones in your area. Some don't alow certain types of animals. Also make sure that you are in a good area for a petting zoo, is it a tourist attraction or are you back in the country. I also would'nt expect to make much money off this bussiness.

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