Monday, March 15, 2010

50th post coming up!!!!!!!

Hi Blogfam,
this is my 46th post
gradually i am winding down to the big 5 0
so i will be taking questions from anyone
and i will answer them all in the 50th post
feel free to ask what u want and i would answer it to the best of my capability

you can put your questions as comments or email them to me at
or dm me on twitter @happyBBB

please dont ask what i cant answer oh hehehehe lol, no but am serious!!!!!!

PS: ever wonder why people say aks instead or ask
you probably do too
you think am lying
ok read this out

why are you always aksing me to go with you

why are you always asking me to go with you

now be serious which one felt right
TOLD YA!!!!!


neefemi said...

lol, the second one felt right only cos i was corrected so many times from saying the first one...

shorty said...

Lol, thats true we mostly say aks iinstead of ask.

honey91 said...

nyways congrats on almost being at 50!

NBB said...

All of people say that and Im always scard of being axed! lol

Myne Whitman said...

I say the second one and most people I know do too. The first one is to axe someone, lol.

So why did you start blogging and what have you learnt from it?

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