Monday, March 29, 2010

WHO am I ?, happy 50th blogpost to me.... :)

who am i?
such a tough question
when asked to describe yourself how do you start?
do you say your name
and your body statistics
do you describe your family
or your habits
what do you say

its my 50th blog post
and i have asked myself WHO AM I?

My name is BBB
thats big black and beautiful
that describes me aptly
i am female
i am a daughter
i am an engineer
i aspire to be more
i am a blogger
i am a friend
i am a girlfriend

i have my fears
my passions
my aspirations

i am very optimistic
i see the good in people before the bad
everyone is given a chance to prove themselves in my eyes

i love
i love
i love passionately
i love totally
i love indiscriminately
i love fully
i love love

i am a female in every way
i love shoes
i love shopping
i love shiny new things
i gossip
i jist
but i never look down on people

i am everyones friend
and i have no enemies
but i guess i def have people who dont like me

i smile
i smile a lot
i have a beautiful smile
people tell me all the time (dnt jealous me)

i am friendly
maybe a little too friendly
people say its not a good thing
i dont know
thats who i am

i am not perfect
but am perfect in my imperfections

i am a nigerian
i am african
i am black
and i love it

happy 50th blogpost to my blog lol

Q and A
1)with your new business and twitter thing…I believe your anonymity may have been compromised a little…do you feel it will hold you back from going as personal as you used to?

ans: um... actually i do, i have actually excluded myself from the business thing cos of my professional exams, so am kinda not on the page anymore, um and am back to being anonymous on twitter, i realized that i cant express myslef as much as i used too, and i have even toyed with the idea of running a second blog with a different id, along side this one, especially on twitter its hard cos some of my friends from real life are now following me and they tend to be really critical of what i say, its really annoying

2) body/face which would u pick and do u think its wrong to hook up in church?

ans: I will actually pick body, i have seen how it feels to be with a guy with a great body and theres no going back from there lol, um about hooking up in church, if you mean like dating a guy from your church, i will say theres nothing wrong, people even prefer it, cos most of those relationships end in marriage lol

3)Why are anonymous and what is the one best thing you derive from being a blogger.
ans: i am only half anonymous right now, some people know who i am, but i guess anonymity gives the freedom to express your self without fear of being judged wrongly, when people read your blog and drop comments they can be real cos they dont know you and they can tell you the truth without fear of repraisal.
The best thing i have derived from blogging would be the wonderful people i have met, people who have inspired me to be better, to work harder that impossible things can be achieved.

4) What's your favourite childhood memory?

ans: My favourite childhood memory would be growing up in an estate with lots of kids my age, you know that age where we dont know who's rich and who's poor, the freedom that ignorance and naivety brings, climbing trees and playing balls with the boys, baking sand cakes and paper dolls with the girls, i wish those for my kids.

5)What has been your best blogging experience so far?

ans: The weightloss challenge organised by Sting, it helped me a lot and i lost a whole lot of weight, it was really great, the support was constant, and it turned out really well

6)So why did you start blogging and what have you learnt from it?

ans: i started blogging when i was 14years i had just finished sec school, and i was in that stage when i was experiencing a whole lot for the first time, it was an avenue to express myself and be completely truthful
that freedom of being truthful without any consequence was so cherished.
from blogging, i have learnt confidence, i used to be a very insecure person, thinkn that noone shared my issues, that i was worse of, but in blogsville i have learnt from peoples life experiences, compared them to mine learnt that things always get better
i have found love for God again, reasons to always be thankful, reminders to always be thankful, its been a wonderful journey



Harry-Rami Itie said...

Congrats on ur 50th blogpost and interesting info about u

..Moyo said...

I thought I'd be first! :(

Lady X said...

I think finding yourself is something you do everyday! There's always untapped potential in you. Tomorrow you might find you can do something you've never thought of doing.

..Moyo said...

I loved this part "I am everyone's friend and I have no enemies but I guess I def have people who don't like me"
This blogpost makes so much sense though I guess I'm going to have to sit down and think of who I am too.
It's too early for me but I need it :)
You started at 14?! :O
Wow. I dunno how I feel about that but it's a good feeling.

blogoratti said...

Congratulations...and all the very best always!

doll said...

Hey congrats on your 50th blogpost..from your posts i can actually tell you are a very friendly and nice person

Jaycee said...

Enjoyed knowing more about you, and cheers to continuing your journey of blogging :) :) :)

neefemi said...

Congratulations and nice to meet you...

Gee said...

awwwwww---happy 50th hunny!
catch u latter ob twitter!!!!!

The Girl with the Red Hair said...


shorty said...

Happy 50th dear :)

BBB said...

thansk guys
abm uber excited about reaching 50
lets hope the next 50 doesnt take a year again

Rose said...

Congratulations on your 50th...


Happy 50th.. Keep on keeping. new here but sure, I'd visit regularly now. lol

2cute4u said...

Woulda been the first but my connection's really working against me and I's not funny.
Congrats on your 50th.Nice post.your sweet personality really does show in your posts as well as your comments.Hope to see more of you and thanks for stopping at my place.

sosexy said...

Happy 50th!first time here..You sure do know how to hold your lyrics down.Real nice post.New in blogsville.Be back

Myne Whitman said...

I am late but still have to say congrats on your 50th. I loved the poem and your answers to the questions.

mizchif said...

Oh, new layout, me likey!

I'm so with you on the anonimity thing. People are so much more judgemental and less objective when they have a face to associate their bitterness with. I still try to keep twitter and blogger seperate for this reason cuz i want to be able to blog without feeling like i'm opening myself up to trial by people who dont even know me.

Happy 50th post, tho u be ogbologbo oh, starting at 14. Not sure i even had email @ the time.

BBB said...

thank for the comments guys

its been a long journey and its been great going on it with you all.

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