Monday, May 24, 2010


Right this moment
I am thankful
Very Thankful
I dont need a resson
I just know i am blessed
something big is about to happen to me
I cant tell you what yet
But when the time is right id let it slip
its really Major
really really Major

pS i have an exam this weekend wish me success
PPS the Boyfriend is coming back to naija this week, am not as excited as i should be
too much water under the bridge this time
i am still excited though, just not ga-ga

have a fabolous week


honey91 said...

Good luck in ur exam!!
nd i hope things get sorted out wiv the boyfriend :)

crossed fingers on the really big thing thats about to happen too

doll said...

Amen, that big thing will happen in Jesus name and you’l even testify…as per the boyfy…am sure when you see him, your excitement level will go up…good luck on your exams…kisses

Jaycee said...

Ok, so I can't wait for the "something bug" so I can rejoice too. Lol @ not ga ga. *smiles*


I look forward to your testimony o. I know it shall be well in Jesus'name.
Best of God in your exams. You shall emerge the head and not the tail in Jesus' name.
Yay for your bf's visit. I can't wait to show up to mine too :) Take care.


Myne Whitman said...

I will be praying for you, for the big thing and for your exams too. As for BF, I think you're the one tamping down your excitement cos you don't know what to expect. Remember love only enters when the door is open. All the best dearie.

neefemi said...

Good luck on ur exam dear...all the best

sosexy said...

Praying for you..
Getting married?
plus God's grace in your exams..
Hope you good though?
Take care dear

seye said...

So, yes, what is this thing we are waiting for o???? I can like to empty my stomach for this weekend o. I like firewood rice.

Okay, all the best in your exams. though i should hit you up before then.

2cute4u said...

Best of luck for your upcoming exams..
We'd talk after the exams..
Not too happy the BF is coming back?
That's totally unlike you o..
What's the thing we should be looking forward to? Give us hint . lets prepare o..

bob-ij said...

It's coming! Who said you need a reason? I feel the same...Anxious to know what it is! Keep positive!


Gee said...

all the best hun in the exams--i love the excitement about whatever it is--hopefully it comes thru and u'ld let it slip--!
All d best!
nd share with us when it comes o!

Lara said...

Hope you exam was great...we do not need a reason to the spirit.


babe, hope the exam went well oh!

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