Friday, October 15, 2010


i am still here
things are so much better
been caught up in my own world
not writing a lot cos this blog kinda reminds me of TY
its like a closed chapter now
i think i might start again
i love this blog, but its time to start afresh
so i would probably open a new one
i am still in naija
long story
dont wanna talk about it
would soon leave pretty soon
id update here when i get to ontario
i have been so caught up in myself
and my issues
havent been a very good friend lately
been self-absorbed
kinda gotten colder
i feel less
i am taking care of number one
i am the most important right now
i dont have anything to offer anyone
part of me feels dead
funny thing is
i feel as if am being punked
as if someone would jump out and scream*ITS A JOKE*
in bounds and leaps i have grown
i am deleting this blog
working on moving my favourite posts to the new one
id let u guys know before i hit delete
and post the link for the new one
hope u follow me again

So many things going on
i have learned a few things though
i was telling myself that id never treat another guy with as much love as i did TY
now i realize thats what makes me different
i love wholely without  restrictions
and just cos he didnt appreciate it doesnt mean another guy wouldnt
i wouldnt change myself because of him
i still believe in love
and id find it again

PS. i used to think i should hold on to TY cos i might never find another good guy
now i realize, i am the special one, am the one that is invaluable
its a great feeling.

levels don change now u know fit hold me again i am 10/10
........naeto C


Ms.O said...

"now i realize, i am the special one, am the one that is invaluable
its a great feeling"----THIS!!!!

Hope you good mama!

Myne Whitman said...

You sound very cheerful and thats great!

bob-ij said...

I love the last bit! It's exactly what i posted in my blog. But i was looking at it through a career perspective!

You'll pull through miss. Life can be a roller coaster, but as long as you're strapped in, you're good to go!


doll said...

yes are the special one and you would always find someone that would love you more than TY..


LucidLilith said...

Why is everyone abandoning me??????


LucidLilith said...

Don't delete your blog...please!!!!

2cute4u said...

I'm just believing that you deleting this blog is just a phase.. This blog is who you are.. This is what drew you to me.. The real you..
Love the post..
At least, you're here...
You're alive..
This whole issue was to tell you tht you deserve someone better.
You're healing and that's good..
Somewhere along the line, you'd get yourself back again and you'd start feeling..

leggy said...

you'll be fine dear.

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

You've already taken the step to realize you are the special one...remain cheerful gurl!

Anonymous said...

I think you are an amazing person. I don't know you that well. I just absolutely enjoy your posts on twitter and I decided to follow you (wise choice).

All I can say is this: keep being strong. From what I read here, I can tell that you really cared for this guy but guess what, you deserve BETTER. TRUST ME!!! I know EXACTLY what I'm on about!

He might be a nice guy with a good heart but babe, I'm happy for you 'cause it's better now that three years into the marriage.

On a very different note, I'm hoping/praying you learnt from your own mistakes. As difficult as it maybe, I've made up my mind to protect myself from abuse and wait on God to give me His desired choice.

I went through a very similar experience this past year. Only worse cos I was the 'other girl' and I did not even know. But thank God that before things got too serious He revealed to me that this dude was in a relationship all along. I asked God to forgive me for what I did in ignorance. I never meant to cause harm. As soon as I discovered, I let him go. But not before he messed my heart up. It took GOD HIMSELF to put the pieces back in place. Till now, I'm healing.

I chose not to contribute to the breakup of that relationship. Maybe the girl in ur case did not hold such moral scrupples. whatever. The bottom line is NOW YOU KNOW. I could write an epistle on this issue. I thank God for saving me from the hands of a cheat. I thank God that I never gave him my most valued possession. I thank God for ending it when it did. I'm still hurting. I'm still sad. But I know I'm lucky. BBB, I want you to know you are lucky.

Whenever you feel low (trust me, there'll be such times), call on JESUS. Call on GOd, He will always be there.

Enough of my rant ojere. Just thought to encourage you with that.

Don't know you much but I feel like I do. Take care and hold on to God (He loves you DEEPLY).


BBB said...

wow thankyou, whoever you are the last comment, you made my day, God bless you

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