Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Battling UBUNTU

I like how this sounds like a traditional African name, come to think of it, i think it is, lol *1 second i'd google that*, oh it is African, it is named after a South African Philosophy that means Humanity towards Others ... source Wikipedia

Anyway the ubuntu i am talking about is the Linux Distribution UBUNTU, turns out the CORE emulator i was going to use only runs on Linux, imagine my fake surprise when i found that out, *they couldn't have just made it easier for me could they/*
 My current laptop is running Windows 7 professional and so i have to install Linux on the Windows Virtual PC, i cant go through the stress of partitioning my hard drive now when i am not sure id use CORE at the end of the day, i already have Windows XP installed on the Virtual PC, Last semester i needed XP to run some adhoc motes i had to upgrade my windows 7 to professional so i could use Virtual PC, cost me a little bundle.

So i downloaded the Ubuntu file from Linux and proceeded to install it on Virtual PC, it took me almost 36hours to do this, after almost a dozen online forums on installing Ubuntu, almost as much self help books, frustrating tweets by me X_X, i finally conquered Ubuntu,bear in mind that i started with Fedora(another Linux distribution) and it defeated me, before i decided to try Ubuntu instead.
Next step was to actually get CORE running on Ubuntu, that was just another battle in itself, i struggled, sighed, read the manual top to bottom and finally i got CORE working.

GTNetS runs on Visual Studio 2005 on XP so i started up the XP in Virtual PC and installed Visual Studio 2005, i already had 2010 on my laptop, but apparently GTNetS only uses 2005, *rolling my eyes at Georgia tech* took me almost 2weeks to find someone that had the 2005 standard version. i installed it and resumed by battle to get GTNetS running on visual studio, after time on the CMD, a dozen errors, googling for online help,i finally got it working.

Next would be to look at the possibility of modifying OSPF-MDR in both of them, compare their pros and cons so i can decided on what i would be using to analyze my thesis work

*phew* what a day.

PS: I found this amazing recipe online for Coconut Rice and i tried it tonight, it was heavenly, i am going to do a post on it!!!!!!!


*Michael Onobote* said...

*insert thumbs up* (for Coconut rice) that's a lot. Ubuntu is a darling in some places u don't expect(like this case of CORE). I hope the modification works as planned.
I would go with Ubuntu sha cuz I'm more familiar with it.

I once used it to revive a HDD that wasn't working in Windows.sweet open source distribution.

Waiting for your post on Coconut rice sha...#teamfoodmongerrocks

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

still waiting for the coconut rice recipe!

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