Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 13: Your Opinion About Your Body and How Comfortable You are With It

Ah! my body!!!!
this body!!!!!!!
For the past 5years losing weight has been on my new year resolution, every single year i say i will, some years i don't even drop anything.
When i got into University i was a measly 60kg 15year old girl, i graduated after 5years weighing 98kg, YES!!!! i blew!!!!
slowly and gradually, at first i didnt even notice, i guess all the late night eating, junk, no exercise and all the stress cut up with me gradually till i blew up.

I never really thought much about how i looked in University, yes i knew i was fat but i always used to think it wasn't that bad, i was just crazy busty and my then  boyfriend never used to complain, he used to say "oh Laurenta if they take away your breast you'd be skinny"
O_O it was statements like that, that got me to almost 100kg.
By the time i returned home to Lagos after Undergrad, i started feeling the pressure of my weight, i couldn't hang out comfortably in Lagos, i was always feeling oppressed and my confidence was dropping faster than the Niagara falls, i decided to do something about it.
Between April of 2009 and now i have lost a little over 40 pounds, i did it all with exercise and diet, and now, I LOVE MY BODY!!!!!!!
i am not quite there yet, you wouldn't exactly call me thin, but then you would call me HOT!!!!
i still have fat thighs, not so thin arms and maybe a not so flat mid region but when i look at how far i have come and i stare in the mirror, i can only marvel at how amazing i am.
People wonder why i love taking pictures now, my friends call me vain, but the truth is i have years worth of compliments to catch up on, please make una let me be :P

Its my Body, i work it hard, right now i go to the gym 5 times a week, i alternate between an hour of cardio and 30mins of strength trianing ,  and two hours of Cardio on alternate days, i eat very healthy, i start my day with fruits, i drink only water and if i must have a drink, its either a fruit smoothie or freshly squeezed juice, i grill all my protein and potatoes and plantains, no frying for me, i eat whole wheat everything, rice, pasta, cereal, and now I'm slowly losing fat and gaining muscle, its slow but i know this is the kind that lasts because i am doing it the right way. i might go out with friends and have pizza but best believe the next day at the gym wont be funny.
Am i comfortable with this body??? DAMN RIGHT I AM


Giagerry said...

Oh Laurenta show me the way oooooooo--take me to the gym with u nah! X_X LoL ur boyfriend was funny o, with that boobs statement. LoL

Blessing said...

yay you!!! You go Laurenta!!!

TecknicoleurGrl said...

I'm really happy for you!! It takes a lot of discipline to do what you've done, good luck with the rest. And well done going this far on the challenge. :)

@ilola said...

Wooow, thats so cool. Your efforts are paying off. Seeing the reward of one's labour can really be encouraging. You go gurl

CerebrallyBusy said...

awwww go Laurenta! Happy for you!

LohiO said...

Proud of you baby girl!!!

doll said...

wow you have come a really long way! congrats wow

Giagerry said...

Oh Laurenta show me the way oooooooo--take me to the gym with u nah! X_X LoL ur boyfriend was funny o, with that boobs statement. LoL

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