Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 17: Something I am proud of

This would be an ideally long post but i dont want to come off as Vain X_X
sometimes i think i am
just a little bit vain
I would be 23years on the 24th of this month, that's in 1 or 2days depending on which part of the world you are in.
When i think of all i have accomplished in my short 23years on this earth, i give God all the glory.
I have always been a smart kid, i started school at 16months, my parents didn't think i should be home when i could already walk and talk, so i was in kindergarten in my diapers.
By the time i was 7years in primary four, i attempted the common entrance and passed, my parents felt i was too young so they made me wait a year, i started secondary school when i just turned 9years, i breezed through secondary school, by the time i was in SS 1 just 12years old, i wrote my GCE and passed, so i left secondary school at 14years with my complete WAEC result, didn't spend anytime at home, aced Jamb at one sitting.
At 15 i was in University, studying Computer Engineering i celebrated my 16th birthday in my 100level, 5years later, a couple of months after turning 21 i graduated with a 4.2 GPA.

I started my youth service immediately and concluded a year later at 22.
now here i am 23 years in grad school, doing my masters in Systems and computer Engineering,

When i look back, time flew, all my life i have been in School, reading hard, struggling, i haven't always been the most brilliant, i haven't always been the nerd girl in school, infact i thoroughly enjoyed my time in both secondary school and University, i partied hard and i read at the right time
God just saw me through.
What am i proud of?
I am proud of who i am today, the fact that i have set goals that i've always achieved, at every point in life i have succeeded, its just been God.


'Lara said...

Wow, I am jealous.
Happy Birthday in advance...wishing you many more fulfilling years.

Giagerry said...

Its parry time soon baybee!! Geez, u dont even want to know how old I thot u were--lets just say not 22!! X_X

Mia Farraday said...

You are thoroughly impressive! Well done you!

doll said...

Reminds me of me

Everystep of my life is a testimony!

Nice way to end it; it has been God dearie

Better testimonies await you

@ilola said...

When I see laurenta, it reminds me of @ilola. Very fast education, left school at pry 4, finished high school at 14 yrs, studied com/elect engr, graduated early and started working early. Thats me Details are almost the same. I also won an award at the AGM two weeks ago
Congrats on your achievements, its all God

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