Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 3: A Book I Love

I'm beginning to get the hang of this, when i saw the title of today's challenge, i was a little bit scared, i have read A LOT of books in my time, and i have loved A LOT, In fact i have forgotten some names and some writers, I'd read a book and then reread it some years later before i realize i already read it before.

A lot of books have struck me, recently i started reading autobiographies and right now I'm reading Warren Buffets own and can i just say I'm so inspired, but that's not what i am going to be blogging about today.

 I have decided to go back to the very beginning, when my love for books and reading began at the very young age of 6years when i was in Primary three, we had this book club in my primary school that was sponsored by Lantern Books, they subsidized the prices of their books for anyone that wanted to join the book club and my parents registered me in it, every week we got a new book. This helped my understanding of the English Language so much, by the time i was out of primary school my reading speed was through the roof, i could devour an entire novel in hours, even to this day people marvel at how fast i read and write.

I will definitely do this for my children, get them reading at a really early age.

So i am dedicating this post to the first novel i ever read, and of course it was about the cunning tortoise, i will never forget this story of tortoise and Mr Koko, when tortoise stole porridge in his cap and wore it, lmao, God bless my parents.


@ilola said...

I think Ore Olunloyo just did it for African children

H said...


Giagerry said...

*covers face in shame* reading and my childhood had no connection *sigh*

@ilola said...

I think Ore Olunloyo just did it for African children

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