Wednesday, November 30, 2011

one of those days

I'm on a bus to the gym, checked the scale yesterday and I lost 6pounds this month, I know its small but I'm taking it gradually, going to the gym everyweekday, trying to eat healthy, counting calories and whatnot, but still indulging sometimes, I've had cake, chocolate, brownies, icecream, this mnth and still I lost weight :)
I was so proud when I climbed the scale, its all about portion control people, and making sure there is a calorie deficit everyday.
Taking the longer route to the gym, its so cold so i just got on the first bus that got here, lol, as long as I make my class I'm fine.
I'm kind of dreading going to naija, because of people and the boyfriend question, that how most of my friends start a convo with me, I've had to warn them to stop it, its so infuriating, first thing they say is " oh so any guy in the picture?", hian!! Is there a man market here.
I've been single for a year and a half and me and my vibrator are fine thankyou, ok I'm kidding about the vibrator, or maybe I'm not ........
I went mad with shopping this past month, if I was buying all that stuff for me itd have been great, but I spent some crazy amount of money on my friends in naija, my cousins and my nieces.
I hope people appreciate it and understand what it takes to use my min wage job to buy all that stuff.
Really looking forward to naija, I have so many events planned to attend, Lawd!!! Itd be a blast for sure.
Ordered a new bikini from bravissimo 2days ago, I'm really scared it won't get here before I leave this city, because I'm going to tdot for a few days before I go to Nigeria. So hard to get good swimwear for my breast size, BTW I should do a whole post about how I found out my correct bra size, it was like the angels did an halleluyah on my behalf when it happened.
I think I talk too much, I mean about my personal life, its going to be my first Newyears resolution, Keep my mouth shut and stop telling people ish about myself.
Well except here, and even then, I should know what should be kept of the internet.
I lost a friendship a couple of months ago, I don't know whether its wicked of me that I don't feel too bad, like sometimes I remember a memory with her and I smile, but at other times I just have this good riddance to bad nonsense attitude, her wahala was too much.
I've gone off twitter for a while, Pastor on sunday talked about dominion over social networks, twitter is an addiction that shouldn't be. I'd def be back, but a short break will do me some good
Anyways, hope you guys are great,
Love, Peace and Kisses


HoneyDame said...

Yay to Nigeria!this time last year, I was counting down too. You should check out how I almost went crazy here and here. Try not to go to crazy on the shopping. You will be amazed how much or less people will appreciate it . I still dont know how to use

Blessing said...

6 pounds is good! Good job!!!

I feel you on the bf question, I get it allll the time....

Laurenta said...

like its so crazy annoying

Laurenta said...

ah, they better not try it lol, Nigeria is sure to be fun

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