Friday, March 9, 2012

Plantain.............. Recipe

I loooooooooove Plantains, its one of my best things in this world, fried, boiled, roasted, you name it, id eat it
So i have two new recipes for you guys
As always its a home and away thing
Lets start with home

About three Saturdays ago, i woke up with a craving for porridge, i hardly ever make this because i try to stay away fro palm-oil, that ish of off the devil, 1tbsp is 120calories, like why evuls, anyway, that day decided to make plantain porridge instead, it tasted like heaven, thopped it off with some baked chicken and voila :)

Plantain Porridge with Baked Chicken legs

My second recipe is a new strange, really funny one, a couple of days ago i had some overripe plantains, i always have some of those after a while and i hate wasting then, so i went online for a good recipe that included over-ripe plantains and i found this

Plantain Pancakes
recipe culled from here

it tasted divine,  i had to use palmoil to make it, i tried it with olive oil at first and it didnt taste quite right, its palmoil so i obviously wouldnt be making this all the time.

As usual if you want the recipe for my own cooking leave a comment and id come back and edit the post with a recipe :)


O.U.I VILLA! said...

OMG someone is a plantain junkie! Lol. You better not O.D on them or i'll be laughing even harder. The pics of your recipes got my mouth watering i think i'm going to get me some plantain right now. Nice blog. Following ASAP.

Check out mine and let me know what you think.

BSNC said...

Plantain pancake wow that is very creative. I am sure it taste delish. wait 1 tsp of palm oil is 100 calories?
Lord have mercy and i am still alive lol.

BBB said...

My sister its 120calories sef, just ridiculous

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