Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birthday Giveaway (CLOSED)

So its my birthday in exactly a week and i decided to do a giveaway for it, well because i am awesome like that and because i really appreciate you guys visiting this blog over and over every time, leaving comments, not leaving comments ( well i prefer if you do of course ).

I have received emails, tweets from people that read my blog and comments on instagram, i recently opened a tumblr page also, where i post pictures of food i cook, things that arent here yet, and pictures of food, or food related things that catch my eye, visit it at designcooklovetumblr.com
The aim of this blog is to show that an amateur cook can still achieve a lot with just passion and a good taste palate, i have no formal training and everything i know i have taught myself, from books and cooking shows, i experiment with my cooking and it really is the one thing that de-stresses me.

I am giving away an amazing cookbook, very easy to follow, tons of pictures in it for every meal, which to me is the best kind of cookbook, not just step by step directions but pictures also, so you know if your end product is correct, especially for us amateurs, i love Thai food, LOOOOVE!, so id be giving away a thai cookbook

All you have to do

-Follow me on Blogger (compulsory)
-Follow me on tumblr, well if you have tumblr please :D
-Follow me on twitter @happybbb just because i tweet the best things, im serious, lol
-Follow me on instagram happybbb, because i take the best pictures, YES, i do, -____-

-Leave a comment with your name and email and stating that you have followed my blog and any of the other social networking sites
-Tell me one thing you feel i can do to improve my recipes or posts, maybe something i am not doing right, the aim after all is to post recipes that you can follow easily :)

and for the book you win

This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in this world, as long as you read my blog, i will send this book anywhere to get to you :)
Winner will be chosen at 12:01 am on July 24th, the first minute of my birthday.

YAY!!!! Thanks for participating guys

@doll Congratulations :), Now id need an address to send the book to, email smilingbbb@gmail.com


Sabirah said...

Whooo hooo!
I've followed your blog since since :p
not on other social networks!

Pick meeee!
Sabirah ; Sabirahoniyangi@gmail.com

to improve, hmm make the photos bigger :D

Bella Joya said...

i have followed your blog, i already follow you on instagram, and twitter. My email is jokejag@gmail.com.
I think to improve you should maybe set up sections on your blog for different meals from different places like say an Asian Section, or a fruits section , or just random or maybe even organize by culture i find tha sometimes it makes blogs easier to navigate..

doll said...

i'v fllowing your blog and twitter. im not on instagram or the others.

Hey i always comment. i have even tried out a couple of recipes and givving u feedback. that should qualify me. * wink wink

As for improvement. i'l say give us the local names of the ingredient when you can. makes try out easier

hapy birthday in advance


Mz.T said...

Heehee. I already follow you everywhere, stalker mode.

A recipe index on your blog would be nice. Makes it easier for people to find stuff.

'Lara said...

This your conditions plenty oh...abeg I don't use instagram, shey I still qualify at all...

Happy birthday in advance.

BBB said...

Giveaway is closed :)

@doll Congratulations :), Now id need an address to send the book too, email smilingbbb@gmail.com

Sabirah said...

Happy birthday darling! hope you have an amazing day!! God bless you!

doll said...

OMG!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
i'l shoot you an email

BBB said...

Thankyou dear :)

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