Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome to 2013 with my biggest Giveaway YET! (Closed)

Congrats to Shola for winning the Chopping board


We are back with a brand new designed website, a lot easier to search for recipes, and very user friendly.

I would really appreciate feedback. If you guys want a specific thing added, let me know and I will look into it.
First off this year... Big News!!!!

  1. I got out of School... YES i finished my masters degree... defended and even working currently on publishing a paper at an IEEE conference.
  2. I got a job!!! A NICE Job!!!, with one of the top Computer Networking companies in the world, if not the top. I am still overwhelmed when i think of it.
  3. I also moved back to Toronto, because thats where the job is.
  4. I am currently on vacation in.... yes Florida with the boyfriend, i needed a break after the stress of finishing school. Theres no where id rather be.. just being around him is relaxing X_X

SO in 2013........ whats the plan for this website?

Finishing my Gordon Ramsay project for one, i abandoned it last year because of the stress of school but now i am back and recharged.
I am also taking photography lessons to help make my food pictures better looking..

Now to my first Giveaway, this is going to be huge!!! and because its huge you will have to do some work to win. Here is what i am offering

First prize is a customized hardwood chopping board, i have one of these and its really amazing and its made of quality wood too. Second is a customized 3-piece cooking set, just as amazing. i will customize them with whatever you want written.

Now to win .....You will have to go through my recipes, cook something and send me 2 pictures of the cooking process and 1 of the finished product and also all challenges you faced with the recipe and changes you made if any. Any recipe at all on my blog, you can find the recipes by clicking on the recipes tab above or searching the archives.
Send the pictures to or you can write a post on your own blog and leave a comment here with the link.
Giveaway is opened till March 4th 2013 and its opened to people in Canada, United States, Nigeria and UK.

Winners will be the first 2 people that complete all requirements to the TEE!
Goodluck and Welcome to 2013


Madame Sting said...

All those Oyibo nice giveaway but I am unfortunately too busy to enter. Congrats on finishing school and landing a good job. U r blessed. Enjoy ur vacation.

'Lara said...

Congratulations on finishing school and the new job, so happy for you.

Laurenta said...

Oh yay

Laurenta said...


Myne Whitman said...

Wow, the site looks great! Congrats. And thanks for the long grace period. I'll see what I can do.

doll said...

congrats on the successful completion of your program and on your job....Enjoy your vacation

AliceDCL said...

thanks dear :)

AliceDCL said...

thankyou!! worked hard on it. yay hope you participate

Mz.T said...

Congratulations on the job dear!!! Love the new layout.

DinnerDessertAndMore said...

Yay! This is my entry :)

AliceDCL said...

thankyou :)

AliceDCL said...

thanks for participating i have followed you on tumblr.... nice blog.... ill announce the winners after the deadline.. hope you had fun with it

AliceDCL said...

Thanks dear :)

AliceDCL said...

Thank you so much, God is amazing

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