Friday, May 3, 2013

Yummy Turkey-Apple Burger

With Sweet Potato Buns

About 8 weeks ago i changed my lifestyle, changed everything about my eating habits, started to do a lot more research into healthier eating options, its been an amazing journey that is even starting to reflect on my palette. Things i used to absolutely starting to taste really good to me, i don't get cravings for junk anymore, i am starting to understand food better than i ever did, its been a learning process, trying new things, taking risks and hoping it pays off. I appreciate my body even more now and because i will always love food i am trying my best to make everything i eat an experience, trying new recipes and replacing a lot of my ingredients with healthier versions... so far so good.

I wanted a burger yesterday so i decided to make a healthy one, i had come across a recipe on the social hermit's blog, that featured a turkey burger patty that had shredded apple in it.. sounded delicious; so yes of course i went for it, the addition of the apples makes it even juicier and adds a little bit of sweetness.

To make my meal even healthier and more filling, i grilled some sweet potato and used it as the buns, the trick to making your baked sweet potato perfect is to add a little starch to it, i always use some corn starch but tapioca starch will do as well.
I made my burger with healthy toppings, some grilled onions and sweet peppers that i lightly sprayed with olive oil and grilled while i made the patty and half a cup of spinach that i had sliced, i also had fat free cheese and a teaspoon of low sodium ketchup and of course some Sriracha hot sauce for my favorite spicy kick.

Turkey-apple burger
Ingredients(serves 1)
2 oz of lean ground turkey
1/4 of any apple of your choice ,(i used Fuji), Shredded with a grater
1 tsp of garlic powder
1 tsp of onion powder
1 tsp of paprika
1 tsp of Olive oil
2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce
Black pepper
  1. Spray a pan or a stove-grill with some cooking spray or lightly oil with olive oil
  2. Over medium to low heat, put the ball in the pan and press down till it becomes as flat as you'd like, some people like their burger patty a little thick
  3. Cook for about 3-5 minutes on each side, depending on how thick it is or until the juices running out on the sides are clear.
  4. If you are going to use cheese, ( i used Kraft fat free singles) put it on the patty to warm up and melt a little when you are halfway on the other side.
    Serve with your bun and toppings

Baked Sweet Potato Buns
This recipe will also work well if you are trying to make sweet potato fries, they will come out delicious and crispy, just cut your sweet potatoes into fries cut and follow the same steps

Ingredients(serves 1)
2 round slices of sweet potato (approx 150g)
1 tsp of corn starch
1/2 tsp of cinnamon(optional)
Olive oil spray
Black pepper
  1. Pre-heat oven to 420F
  2. In a bowl mix together, Corn starch, Cinnamon, Salt and Pepper
  3. Lightly coat the sweet potato slices in this mixture
  4. Spray both sides of each slice lightly with olive oil
  5. Bake on the bottom oven rack for 25 minutes,don't forget to turn halfway
NOTE: If it is sweet potato fries , it will take less time, check after the first 10 minutes to see if the bottom is browning and then flip, make sure to space the fries properly, no potato should overlap, being well spaced will allow it to get crispy. Also since the potato takes longer to bake, i'd advise to get that in the oven before you start on the burger patty.


Tega Edwin said...

Ooooouuuu. Love the sweet potato buns idea! Must try.

Mz T said...

Ooooooouuuuu. Sweet potato buns look yummy! Must try!

Grace said...

Never thought of using sweet potato as a bun. Will try it out! P.s. Did you already announce the winner for your giveaway?

AliceDCL said...

yes i have :) , thanks for stopping by

Abiola Makanjuola said...

Great idea, I should try this out

AliceDCL said...

yes!! please do and let me know what you think

Eights & Weights said...

I know I'm forever But definitely trying this out. Turkey all the way :)

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