Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Barbecue - Alice Style

 My girlfriend Dami of Dudunorth's birthday was about two weeks ago, It was her 25th and kind of a big deal, she got us to do 25 things before the day through out the month of July and August, Check out her blog post of it here, to see some of the fun things we were able to do this summer, there was kayaking and dinner at a pitch black restaurant, paint-balling and visits to parks and the 360 restaurant in Toronto, its a restaurant at the top of the CN tower thats about 1,815.4 ft high and revolves 360 degrees while you eat, amazing view of the city ( i had my birthday there to check it off the list)

So being the obsessive organizer that she is, she delegated duties to us, and of course, i got food, we talked about the menu and decided to introduce a Nigerian flavor to it, so we had Chicken of course, burgers and hot dogs, and added in some Corn, and roasted plantains(boli) served in newspapers with groundnut NAIJA road style.

For the chicken, i made some yummy Chipotle barbecue chicken, using my go to chipotle crack, La costena chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, this ish is the BOMB!!! i use it for everything, amazing unique taste.. and gives everything a kick.

I also use my new favorite grilling sauce, a CedarVale maple chipotle grilling sauce, any good BBQ or grilling sauce will do, just to add some sweetness and balance out the heat from the peppers

Gonna share the recipe for the chicken below cos lots of people been asking for it, It was a hit, and that chicken was gone in seconds..... My friend Rolake also made a Cameroon pepper spicy chicken, i will ask her for a recipe and update this post with it

About 30 pieces of Chicken drumsticks and thighs
2 tins of La Costena Chipotle pepper in Adobo sauce 7oz ( this stuff is crack)
One bottle of a good BBQ or grilling sauce( i used a maple chipotle grilling sauce)
1 whole red onion
1 medium size ginger, peeled
Half a bulb of Garlic, peeled
1 TBSP of Chipotle powder

  1. Put all the ingredients above in a blender and blend until smooth ( um not the chicken oh)
    Add a little salt after and taste to adjust the seasoning, add some brown sugar or some more bbq sauce if its too hot for you , i also used added 2 knorr cubes (its the Nigerian in me -_- dont judge)
    Score the chicken on both sides, about two lines on both sides will do, just to help to get the marinade in.
  2. Mix the chicken into the mixture and leave to marinade for 2-24 hours in a refrigerator, make sure to cover whatever bowl you use with a cling film, i used a ziploc freezer bag, so that will work as well
  3. Bring out the chicken at least an hour before you want to cook it, you need it at room temperature before it goes on the grill or in an oven.
  4. Bake on a grill, dont forget to brush the grill bars with a little oil before putting the chicken on to prevent sticking and brush with the marinade intermittently while you grill
    OR Share the chicken between 2 baking pans with all the marinade (its a lot of chicken, if you aren't making as much just use one pan... OBVIOUSLY!!!) , and bake it for about an hour at 400degF in an oven

Thank me later


Chioma said...

Thank you Alice! you are full of awesomeness!!!


AliceDCL said...

you are welcome dear

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