Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dear Diary , she's got that good good

Yes she does..!!!!
I'm a huge Beyonce fan, Stan? bee?, all of the above, it's not just because she is beautiful and can sing her butt off, is an amazing performer, did I mention She's beautiful? It's all of that and much more.
It's that she inspires me to be better, makes me believe that I can still rule the world and have a baby on my back at the same damn time, I can be rich, successful, and married, I can be successful and happy and in love.

And God damn it, I can be successful and still have blaady good sex, drunk sex, where my husband has my "breasteses for breakfast".
On Friday King Bey released a 14 song 17 video album.. with no promotions no release statement, just one post on instagram.
Not only did it not leak and take all of us completely by surprise, why, just last week I was reading some post on huff post about things beyonce has been doing all year rather than releasing an album.
But boy, did she deliver, it's 14 explosive songs, I have way too many favorites, the videos are well thought out, making the songs even better. She's in love in some, fierce in some, a mother in some, a sexy sexy wife in some, she's a business woman, a powerful woman and above all a feminist.
Yes she's a feminist, and I love her more for finally taking the stand with no shame.
This album inspires me to be strong for myself and be strong for my husband and still be vulnerable for him and to be powerful and "flawless"... To believe that I can be it all. And I'm not only enough but I should be earned.
She's Beyonce and yes she's got that good good.


lovelife4sale said...

im a beyonce admirer, not a huge fan per se... but i can recognize and admire talent when i see it... i just dont understand why people have so much hatred directed towards her. but then maybe that just means she is doing something right. being able to release another album in between her touring the world while being a wife and mother, that is unbelievable.

AliceDCL said...

It is unbelievable, and anyone that cannot appreciate such brilliance has genuine priblems.

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