Monday, April 27, 2009

BUCKET LIST!!!!! football and so on

Okay so i know what the title says but i will just go ahead and talk about football first, for those of you who read my favorite things(see right hand corner), you;ll know i love football.
Yes i can tell you i am an ideal girlfriend, i love going to bars to watch football i love the bustle of the ongoing arguments between fans during the matches, i love discussing the matches and analyzing and learning things i didnt already know.
i am a die hard Man u fan

I am crazy about this team, and i will support them till Jesus comes, in trophy less seasons and in bountiful seasons( like this one is going to be lol)

well for those of you who watch football, you will know that this week is going to be great one,
Man u is playing Arsenal in the champions league semi final
Well i guess the picture speaks for itself so i wont be saying anything on this topic until after the match.

So i decided to write my bucket list as a meme and i will be tagging Roc, Naija shawty, juicegal,Dbthinks naijagirl, bloggoratti, CLG.

so here it goes.
1) Learn a new language ( its really sad i only speak English)
2) Drive a car above 140km/h
3) Write a book
4) Do something at church
5) Finish the bible
6)Finally learn how to swim (pathetic i know)
7) Never stop trusting
8) Be a guest on Oprah
9) write a 100 posts on my blog
10) give someone a reason to smile everyday.

P.S its a short week hurray, only 4 working days, thank God for public holidays

Hope your Monday was great have a better week.


RocNaija said...

Hmm... I don't do memes that well..
I gotta admit..
Guest on Oprah na big thing sha.. But nothing wrong in dreaming big right??

Anonymous said...

LOL... I am so not doing any memes in the forseable future.. My meme intray must have like seven or eight since April alone!

Drive a car above 140km/hr? U need good roads for that - almost ended up in a river a whiles back in Naija cos of doinng 160 km/hr at a bend!

Bibi said...

man u ke? you need to get converted. Arsenal is it babe. i still miss the times of Henry and Kano though. as for Oprah, welcome to the club. lol

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

maybe my show on oprAH WILL BE THE day you see my beautiful face i will be sure to holla at ya

@dbthinks, i know thats why it hasnt been done. but it will, AND YOU ARE ALSO DOING THIS MEME OR ELSE!!! LOL
@ BIBI, girlie you are in the wrong club, trust me anyway we will settle it after the match. thanks for visiting my blog, went to see yours- i like!!!

juiceegal said...

I agree with bibi...arsenal is d way forward jo.....although i agree we hvnt been at our best lately......Oprah....i wish u al d best

BSNC said...

Gunner chic oo. who know Man U.... anything can happen, you never know.. you can be a guest on oprah.. thanks for stopping by me blog :)

Dante said...

Thank God you no tag me..Memes? I am staying away from them..
I am having everlasting beef for you..Even when I get to heaven...infact...i am wearing my gunners jersey to heaven. After now, I will not talk to u until the second leg.

drive above 140km lol..I have done 190km on a honda accord iv tec...It was hair raising I was screaming to linkin park's bleed while I was doing it on lekki ajah road at 6am in the morning. .ntoin...until U join arsenal, I will not teach how to do that..
sadly, i can't swim too.

Thanks for showing up on my blog...u r cool!!

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

@ juicegal, BSNC and Dante, you guys are just wasting your time with a manager that keeps repeating teh sam emistake every season, this is your 5th season trophyless, i dont have to beg you , very soon you will dump arsenal of your own accord.
thanks for stopping by my blog.
@ dante, if you dnt teach me i am sure some man u fan out there will teach me, and the angels will forbid u entry with that jersey, no looser jersey allowed in heaven dude.
an di am tagging you now. DO THIS MEME OR ELSE!!!.
@BSNC I will holla at u also when i am on the show lmao
@juicegal thanks for admitting i can see you are already a step out of arsenal.

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