Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet mouth!!!!!

I am guessing everyone is like me,

the best way to go on a diet is to lock yourself inside a room cos there are some things that babygirl cannot resist and worse of all they are not expensive things, so i end up falling into my old habits again and again, lets take this irresistaible food one at a time

at no 1.(drum roll)


i have to say i am addicted, you know those little round red fruit with delicious whitish seeds that produce so much juice and an even juicer body, i fell in love with this fruit as a kid and i have to confess i cant drive past it without stopping, and i can eat as much as 20 at a go, trust me it has been proven.

no.2. Boiled corn, whether white or yellow, corn is my weakness, i love the aroma the taste , hot or cold i can eat, i can eat corn as breakfast lunch and dinner and i blame my family they made me an addict
no.3. Roasted Corn (yes there is a difference)

no.4. Hot dogs( OMG just imagine the warm hot dog with mustard and ketchup(the works) oh yeah am in trouble

no.5. Chocolate chip ice cream,(whether blue bunny or chocolate royal stracatella) i am hooked

no.6. Dodo ( oh yes dodo in fact i think this should come high up in the list dodo is my staple food)

no.7. TFC Charcolite Chicken (sinful!!!!!!!!)

no.8. Butterfly Prawns( now this is irresistible, whether fried or in sauce)

no.9. Ribena-yes ribena- i love blackcurrant drinks really i do

no 10. Sharwama OMG theres this joint in Unilag trust me that guys sharwama cant be resisted better hav tried, al my friends are hooked (iya basira!!!! lol)
I bet you guys have some you cant resist share pls!!!!!!!

P.S thanks for welcoming me in, ITS BEEN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S.S I am totally feeling kelly clarkson, my life will suck without you



Anonymous said...

awww.... you have me craving corn now!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh

juiceegal said...

Hmmmmmmm optimistic_ allyzzzz!!!!!!!!!!
see how i screamed ur name....babe u kno wts up mehn.....hw do dey xpect me 2 be on a diet wen al dis food exists
Ps: im so cravin dat TFC chicken right now...cnt wait 2 come 2 naija dis summer

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

@ dbthinks, welcome to my world, cant wait for corn season to come back mean while i still indulge when i am around Maryland,under one bridge, there's always corn no matter the season, don't know how those women do it and don't care.

@juicegal, yeah yeah i completely understand, but am here in naija and its harder cos i can indulge and just keep adding dress sizes.

RocNaija said...

That's just not right..

Here I am fooling myself with a diet..

and you go and put up that many tempting pics up.... :-(

Anonymous said...

ohhh you are soooooo wrong. how are you gonna put all these nice nice food/fruits up there? I am this close to getting them out of my computer. I remember the first fruit, is it really called cherry? I knew it as udara and man, would i give anything to have that sour juice on my tongue
have a nice week

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

@Roc, welcome to my world, i just keep deceiving myself with diets
@naijagirl its also called udara and its the best fruit in d world lol.

Arewa said...

i love CORN!! i had to stop agbalumo cuz of the worms inside some of them. i love ribena and i love TFCs chicken topper salad! a year ago i would've seen this post and said "i so want to be in nigeria now". but now, i'm thinking, "i'll send someone to tfc for me this afternoon!!!!!!" i love this city!

nice blog, i'm going to read the rest of it

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

@ Arewa, thanks for stopping at my blog, hope you liked it. Amen to TFC i think i just might do that also eat some YAMARITA!!!!

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

@ roc, hmmm so you are tempted welcome to the club
@naiajgirl its also called udara, if food could come out of computers there would nt be hunger anymore and i would be a size 20. lol

yankeenaijababe said...

I am so freaking hungry for abalumo and corn...missed this while in the states. Have a good one

mx racing gear said...

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