Friday, May 8, 2009

Breast Cancer

Hi yall,
How many of you know that May is breast cancer month, well foR we ladies this is one of the fastest killing diseases and this month we STAND UP TO BREAST CANCER.

In case you were wondering thats a page of Genevieve magazine, its just like true love and if u haven't noticed yet i am an ardent reader of true love Genevieve and TW magazines, i love them.

Well Genevieve stands up to Cancer in a big way, they oragnize a pink ball( as the breast cancer color is pink) its a big event and it is used to raise funds to help women with b cancer, well i plan to be there this year.
Yesterday Genevieve collaborated with Hennessey to sponsor the (TG1st) of this month that is thank God its first Thursday, its a show that held at silverbird galleria every first Thursday showcasing artist free of charge with an open bar, it is always off the hook, that was were i fell i love with M.I in the march edition, well yesterday the artist was Ikechukwu and it was off the hook, MI, Wande Coal, and a host of others also performed, i never miss it. and for those of you in Lasgidi i advise you mark your calendar for next month.
Well Genevieve was there and we all stood up to cancer in a big way, well what are u doing to stand up to cancer this month, you can help by contributing financially and even by agreeing to participate in the working of the pink ball by sending a mail to

i also recommend the may issue of Genevieve it has lots of info on b cancer, its a deadly disease and it is real. pls perform self examination regularly, it can save your life.



RocNaija said...

Classy magazine Genevieve is.. Pity they don't have a supply chain in the UK..

That open bar thing is a novel idea too..

If only.. :)

juiceegal said...

I think i needed that wake up call....somewhere at d back of my mind i still have dis feelin dat breast cancer does not exist....probably cuz no one close 2 me has ever been affected by it....the older i get i realise i should be more vigilant......Good write up.

naija shawty said...

well, i dunno how i can get any of dose mags in yankee cos i want them so bad. as for breast cancer, my mumcee is kinda funny cos she is scared I may have the tendency of a lump. why? naija shawty is boobyful.

BSNC said...

they don't have those mag here.. thanks for the reminder :)

Naked soul said...

never heard of the mag....great post....i always try to check mine as often as i can...breast cancer aint no joke

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

everyone, Genevieve really is classy magazine, but remember that the important thing is to do self examination and spread the word, love y'all.

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