Wednesday, May 6, 2009


hope you guys are quiet now and are considering changing clubs.


So i have been missing in action for about a week, well maybe not missing as i still went ahead and made comments on my fellow bloggers blogs and read some really inspiring posts.

The thing is that i lost my MOJO, really i had bloggers block (lmao)

So as usual today i opened up a new post with nothing to write, and after being frustrated for about 5mins decided to read others blog, i went to juice girls blog and read a post of hers , really it had me in tears, and the song playing on the background (halo by beyonce) by the ( BTW one of my fav songs), just made matters worse, the posts is a tribute to girls who have been through almost everything with guys, girls who have been dissapointed by friends, who have loved from a distance and who have never been fully appreciated. it is a beautiful piece and i say KUDOS!!!!!!. pls read it i bet everyone of us is a nice girl even if you arent there is a nice girl inside there somewhere.

okay yesterday i bought my MAY issue of True love( i am a dedicated true love reader), it is inspired by children as childrens day is in may, a story struck me in it about girls in Nepal as young as 7yrs whose parents sell them into prostitution for as low as 57000 naira because of poverty.
its really crazy, most of these girls are exposed to HIV and a whole other STI's, and they are still treated with disgust when they return to the very parents who sold them.
This story made me evn more inclined to form an NGO when i establish myself, this world is really crazy and it needs people with big hearts to save it from itself.

Read through scribbles, Rocnaija, he says, Tigeress etc, Has anyone noticed that the SEX bug is flowing thru blogsville, there are some interesting posts around, pls oblige.

Lastly, diamond wrote a 25 random things post and cos i was inspired i am doing it also.

so here goes nothing

1) i still bite my nails ( try to fix them to cover them up)
2) i have been told i snore when i am really tired
3) My boyfriend and i have some scary things in common, we are both born on July 24th ( that's 24 7 if you didn't guess as in everyday), we are both baptist, both in the engineering sector, and both each others best friend.i have been dating him since i was 16.
4) i cant keep a secret anything you tell me i tell TY
5) i don't like wearing skirts i am a trouser person although people say i look good in skirts
6) i am the first child and a lil scared of growing up cos of the responsibilities
7) I love LOVE, really i do, i love watching people fall into it, i love listening to songs that talk about it, i love watching ,movies that express it.
8) i still watch cartoons.
9) I love RIBENA, (you know the blackcurrant drinks)
10) I am a good friend( really i know i am) i always have a shoulder to cry on
11) I still believe Beyonce is better than Kelly in everything( does who dont agree are just beefing)
12) I am a daddy's girl
13) I have an IQ of 130
14) i dabble in too many things ( i my short life i have played basketball, written in a magazine, sang in a choir, been interested in plus size modeling, been in a dance group)
15) I don't know how to dance anymore ( i guess my years studying engineering robbed that of me)
16) i am sad that i cant dance
17) I love my face, its the best part of my body, beautiful unblemished skin, lovely eyes and an ever smiling lip.
18) I have a FLAT nose
19) I love reading novels
20) you cant catch me anywhere without a novel in my bag
21) i get lost when i watch movies( you can be speaking to me and i don't hear)
22) I eat when i am sad
24) i am insecure about myself at times



My World said...

I have being here a zillion times before but couldnt comment......
This sounds just like me,with all the novel-reading-dead to the world when watching a movie-snoring when tired persona.....
I can only imagine how you really got to stay in a r/ship this long......I salute you...
Great post,chica.

BSNC said...

Yea yea you guyz won.. Congrats :(

yes i read juicegal's post too, that was a wonderful post..

7 yrs old for prostituion, that is really sad.

Sounds like your BF is your soul mate. I love love, but i dunno....

its good to have you back :)

yankeenaijababe said...

First time on your blog, l enjoy reading your blog post...sounds similar to me on love and relationship. Happy for you.

Confessions of a London gal said...

Yay!!! Another Man Utd supporter! Yippee!!! you and ur bf! Thats so sweet! I have never even had a bf whose bday was remotely close to mine
And you soooooo cant catch me without a novel in my bag too!!! Ok, fine! Its M & B's I read! But its a novel alright! Lol

rayo said...

since 16. wow

Dante said...

I shuld stop coming to ur page. U guys humiliated us. What a walloping!
But anyways..u r too nice, so cos of u, i will say the truth: u guys deserved to win. But next season...hmmm.
I have been hurt so much that i am beginning not to believe in love. That unbelief is getting stronger by the day...

juiceegal said...

U guys r feelin on top abi???? i pray 2 God that Barcelona whoops u pple's ass at the
Thanx babes......we have all bin that nice girl at sum point in our lives.....but the good thing is that now we know its nt our fault...guys dnt just want nice
Awwwwwwww since 16 thats so sweet.....bin with mine since 1 ws 18 now im almost, one day il get 2 ur level if im strong enough.

African Weight Loss Diva said...

lol, i am happy chelsea was beaten! i really don't like them o....they drove us (liverpool) out!!1

blogoratti said...

Oh welcome back from your short hiatus...
You still believe in happily ever after uhn,nice!

RocNaija said...

LOL @ Man U fans rubbing it in.. lol

Amazing the number of women who say they're not the skirt type..

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

@my world believe me when i say its not a bed of roses, relationship is about give and take, it takes work to keep it this long, glad u finally found something to comment on,welcome.
@BSNC, thanks for accepting defeat, i know its not easy.

@yankeenaijababe welcome to my blog, nice having you here, experiencing love like this is a blessing
@confessions, man utd for life, thats the only way to go, and BTW i read M and B also, i love them, sometime i just need a novel i can finish quickly
@rayo thanks for stopping by

@dante (walloping) i like that word, it totally described it, plz belief in love, i pray God pushes a girl your way that will change your mind.
@juicegal, ah beefing arsenal fan, it cant happen olorunmaje!!!
dont worry if he is worth it, you will be strong enough.
@africanweightlossdiva, i don't like Liverpool either you know u are our new rivals the others are not up to it.
@blogorrati i am a regular Cinderella fan lol
@rocnaija, see u finally got around to dropping comments nice!!!, u know man u is it now!!, i know u know.

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