Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Letter to a stranger

hello stranger,
I know everyday i say i love u but really the depth of this love cant really be comprehended, Our friends say that there has to be something wrong with us, cos really we defy all rules of relationship.

I miss the days in school when we lived together and i got to see u 24 hours a day, and i never pretended i really wasn't ever bored, you see i love being with u, my time alone is time spent in your presence just basking in your love and attention.

I still see u everyday and speak to you almost every minute but its not enough i want u here now, is this obsession i don't think so, you see i believe that God created us for each other, he made me with u in mind, i complement u, and u complete me.

You see, no one on this earth knows me like u do, u understand every facial expression u read me like a book, u know when i am happy and when i am down and i always know that as long as i am with u my down times never last.

You sacrifice all for me, Even the little u have u would give if i ask, my love u never cease to surprise me, don't think i don't take note of all those Lil thing u do to make me smile i only hope i have made u smile as much as u have.

There can never be another you, another guy i can know as deeply as i know u, another guy whose happiness is my only concern, another guy whose eyes reflect the love that exist between us, another guy who wouldn't sleep if he hasn't heard my voice, another guy who is funny and smart and interesting all rolled into one.

My darling this love letter is for you to let u know that i cherish u and i consider my self lucky to have known you in this life, i bless God for the day i walked into that canteen, that even though the roads haven't always been straight we are still at the end together.

Maybe its cos we were friends first or we didn't do things conventionally or cos i wore my heart on my sleeve , all i know is that u have given me the best 5yrs any girl could ask for and i know better is ahead , so as u sleep this night remember that I LOVE YOU.


juiceegal said...


juiceegal said...

Awwwwwww dis is so sweet........dis is 4rm ur man rite??? ur so lucky 2 have sum1 who is clearly crazy over u

Danny BaGucci said...

wow.. dude must be really lucky!! More reason why i think my hiatus makes sense in the near term.. thx for sharing..

Dante said...

Mehn! This is major! Dude is being loved up!
@ Danny..i am tellin u bruva...i need that hiatus too...so u will come back ready to be loved up by that 1 correct woman!

scribble,me.free said...

so this is love? one day me sef go find

juiceegal said...

See this is love optimistic..nd its so obvious.......sigh.

Rose said...

This is so Lovely...Hmmmn...Lucky Dude...

cerberus said...

Nnna. I b stranger too. my email na stranger@expecting-my-letter.com

La prosa de ti es muy profundo y muy lindo

My World said...

I love,I love,I love.........the new background......
Share the tips,girl......
And that letter is sure gonna scatter boo-boo's head.....lol!

UnderCover07 said...

"If this isn't love, say wat it is..."

There is this overwhelming feeling of being at ease, relaxed, and just unexplainable joy that comes when u're in love...I'm feeling it, and can see u r too.

Happy for u dear! Dude is lucky!

PS:Thanx for stoppin' by my blog :)
And do ur own 8 meme jo!

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

@juice gal actually its from me to him, i am glad u think its sweet

@danny bagucci i am show he know ow lucky he is, or maybe i am d lucky one no?

@dante one day ur turn go reach

@sir scribbles, amen oh, i declare it in ur life

@juicegal doesnt mean urs isnt love, i am reading d signs,open ur eyes girl.

@Rose thanks i think he deserves it, he has been wonderful

@cerberus only one stranger allowed in my life sorry!! lol.
and pls translate at nice as that looks i dont know what it means.infact i am googling a spanish dictionary now.

@my world, just scroll to the top of my page and click on twitter backgrounds the rest should be pretty simple.

@undercover007, thanks!!! dont worry maybe my next post will be the 8 meme, and BTW its definitely love.lol

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

@cerberus found the meaning(your prose is very nice and deep) hah told u i googled it.
men i love Google.

Arewa said...

My sista u sabi love o!
Nice one dear...lucky u found the right one in good time

bob-ij said...

This is just too sweet!...Luv to my stranger too!


OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

@ arewa na God oh

@bob-ij, just writing how ma feeling, isnt love grand!!

doll said...

hmm..i can relate with this

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