Wednesday, July 8, 2009

short hiatus

Hey guys sorry i have been off for sometime, a lot of things have been going on for a while, biggest news of all being that I have been posted to kwara state
Yes I said kwara
God I am burnt
Am going to be without ty for our bday
Am so sad
They divided d nysc batch into 2 for camp
He is the 2nd one so he goes when I get back after 3 weeks
That's 6 weeks without him
And he is going for masters after camp
I can't even think
See u guys in 3 weeks

I plan to redeploy to lagos after camp
Wish me luck


Buttercup said...

Awww sowee..that sucks :(. Good luck o. *hug*

Buttercup said...

Dang, I haven't been 1st in so long! :d

*Dith* said...

Aww sorry abt that.
Do u have control of where you get posted to or no??

yinkuslolo said...

Kwara! I want to tell u to have fun but I am not even sure about that.

not seeing TY may be tough but I think it kida prepares u for his long absence in the near future(masters0

Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

goodluck oh..sori im late.

Tisha said...

its well

doll said...

break a leg!

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