Thursday, January 7, 2010

Am back!!!!!!

Hey guys,
First off happy newyear!!!!!

so happy we saw 2010, its a blessing and we should always remember that its cos of God and his bountiful mercies
how have yall been

av been great i had the best hols ever, serious?
ty came back and we ended up spending xmas and newyear celebrations together for the first time usually he goes home and i go home so we end up being with our families for the celebrations but this year i travelled to warri to spend time with him at xams and he was in lagos for the newyears,
it was great
i had so much fun,

Got my self 2 fones in the process
now a proud owner of a my very own bb and an n97 isnt that boy a darling!!!!

the xmas couldnt have ended better
sad news is that he has gone back to Jand so am back to missing him every second, and this time might be longer cos we prob wont see till about july ( by Gods grace)
and i have never spent vals alone before(don't even want to think of that now)
we have officially entered our 6th year together and its been great so far ( but it might be our most challenging year yet)

anyway the day b4 he left
he took me to have dinner at eko hotel ( seriously those people serve a mean buffet)
serious u have to try it our those desserts were heavenly
put up a few pounds during his stay cos i just had to let myself go and enjoy d hols to the fullest
but now am back to cutting the excesses

2010 will be a great year for achievements
by the grace of God

PS my two cents on farouk mutallab.---- they should just bring the guy to naija and throw him in d middle of balogun we know how to handle him with all the diplomatic trouble he has caused ( long hiss) nonsense!!
anyway have a great week


My World said...

Welcome back,m'dear!!!

Sumptuous said...

Welcome back 4rm d hols. I love ur blog coz we've got some things in common. Have a great year ahead.

leggy said...

im really happy for you guys, i just love long term relationships.i wish you guys happiness oh.
happy new year dear.

sweetness said...

Welcome black!!!
Glad u had fun
Dinner at Eko hotel... ko easy :)
Nice phones too

sweetness said...

jeez! i meant welcome BACK!!!

Myne Whitman said...

Welcome back dear and happy new year. 2010 is already treating you great, don't miss your boo too much OK?

BBB said...

@spesh thanks dear...

@sumptuos thanks for stopping always great to meet new people will def stop at ur blog

@leggy, happy newyear to u too... its GOD oh

@sweetness great to be back... trust me i wouldnt mind doing that dinner again.. still trying to psych mumsie

@myne like i have a choice missing him steady.....
happy new year

Writefreak said...

Happy new year.

What are you going to be doing with those two BIG phones? lol
And 6 years, wow! I thought hubby and i had an award, we got married in our 6th or was it 7th year :-)

Wishing you and TY loads of beautiful years together!

mx racing gear said...

Nice post with have good new year.

Original Mgbeke said...

Awww, you and tY are so cute. May this year be an awesome year for both of you.
LOL @ Mutallab in Balogun, for real o. The guy dey enjoy liberty for America, entering a not-guilty plea and all. Too funny.

Rita said...

Happy New Year. Your holidays were definitely wonderful. 2 powerful phones???

Wishing you both all the best. I am sure he will make up for his absence this valentine :-)

BBB said...

@ writefreak, waht are am i going to be doing ?? rockin them of cos, u and hubby tyruies oh cos i personally know its not easy, myself and ty still have a long way to go cos am dfe not thinkin about arriage now at all.... am just 21

@original mgbeke, amen oh i wish u d same, dont mind the stupid muttallan did we or did we not catch him with bomb in his pata and he has d guts to plead not guilty

@Rita thanks jare, i hope he does or cos its not going to be funny at all

Vera Ezimora said...

Does your boyfriend have a brother? Cause I need two phones --- and I need someone to buy them for me too! LOL.

Happy New Year.

BBB said...

@vera lmao
actually he has four brothers but 3 are married one is almost engaged...badluck huh
why didnt u ask me sooner lol

hope u have a great day today HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

hmmm enjoying those phones. your bf is noice for buying those for you. very happy for the pair of you, 6 years is not a joke I hail u sister lagos holiday u will come n gist me abi!

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