Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Reservations

People ask me how av been able to keep a steady relatnship this long
Well today I will tell u d secret
I don't play games
And especially not with my heart
It takes too much stress and too much time
I don't believe in rules in love, everything goes
I trust completely and love entirely
I quarrel passionately
And makeup forgivinly
I share totally
And receive appreciatively
I listen attentively
And criticze carefully
I support in every way
And accept support back
I share passwords cos its nt a big deal( I might need him to help me access somethin when I don't have access happens all d time)
The main point is I don't play games with my heart
Most of us set down rules but I go with the flow
My only rule is to love totally and be able to receive the love without doubt
Another key I appreciate, gifts gestures words smiles even time, I never fail to say thank u
I express my love am never shy to say I love u 100 times a day, to touch,kiss, simple things like scratching his head or rubbing his face, I let him know he is appreciated
Am not afraid to say am sorry, I know wen its time to give up and keel over.
I know when to be a baby and let his ego flow and be a woman and take care of things
I keep the romance flowing simple things like texts, words,poems, thoughtful gifts are always needed
There's always laughter, we have inside jokes and we understand each other completely,
And lastly, I pray for us.
I am just myself no rules
That's just me
PS: this is by no means a guideline to live by, its just my 2 kobo.
There is no need to love if ur not doing it completely,
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juiceegal said...

Awwwwwww......i wanna be in love o
But i like this seriously....i always tell people that take all these relationship bibles serious that its best to do what works for you..what works for me might not work for you.

My world said...

Babe,this is so reminds me of sumthn similar that I wrote last night,but I normally add,"I dnt do hot and cold,I love steady"....

Myne Whitman said...

I just liked this, kept me smiling all through. True love I also believe is without reservations, rules or guidelines. Just let it flow. I wish you more love and romance in your relationship girl.

doll said...

i hope it leads to marriage for u guys

leggy said...

im glad that this is how you love...i couldnt do it but im glad that you can.i hope things keep working out for you.

Sumptuous said...

This really nice. I like the no-rule rule. Wish u guys the best.

Dith said...

Very nice! Except many do d same and get their hearts broken. It is a 2 way street and I say do all of d above if only he does the same or atleast half.
I will not give my password if he refuses to give me his and so on and so forth.

Love can be a beautiful thing, if done appropriately and if d feeling is mutual.

Dith said...

Oh and I am happy for u dear.
lol my mind geared towards another direction as usual.

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

I love how you put everything....relationships can def be so much more simple if we all just love completely...i'm so gonna read this again and again before i get into another relationship...thank u o and Congrats!'s a beautiful thing!

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

I really liked this and only difference with me is that I believe @times love is not the only thing needed in a relationship

BBB said...

thanks for all the comment
i knwo alot of people dont agree with me but i guess am just one sided co av been "lucky" as they would say or would u say fate

so being completely in love is a glorious affair
and from my heart
i wish it totally on u all
love that turns ur heart mushy that make ur stomach stumble, that make u move with stride...
have a great week xoxo

Original Mgbeke said...

Very nice, i like your technique and it has definitely worked for you so far so kudos! :-)

miss b said...

awwww it so cute! I want to be in love too. But like Dith said, you could do all these thngs and the other person doesn't appreciate it, so you are lucky in that sense!

Rita said...

Let me take down some notes :-)
You sure sound so much older than your age. Please who taught you all these things?

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

LOVE...that's all i'll say

mx racing gear said...

I travel across the u.s. with my bff we had reservations no were and we slept in the car most of the time...we ran into the problem of small towns with booked rooms (in summer) or a town with any major event going on.

Tisha said...

happy for you
wish i was in-love.

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