Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Proof that you went to primary school in naija (hilarious!!!!)

someone sent me this
so hilarious and so true
i remember all this songs, when we were marching out of assembly ground

And remember onward notebook
and those notebook that had check boxes for mathematics
and the ones with lines for writing
then those long thin ones for spelling
those were the days

and for ur info  NO fighting in my primary school oh
we were aje butters
Hail Saint Glorias N&P school  lol

Back in the days...

Were you this violent when you were in primary school???

SAMUEL: Didn ' t I told you not to steal my pencil? by the time I finish you today, you will knEw Jesus has no tribal mark!

OJO: Shut up! Bombastic element...if you don ' t leave my Shet I wE blow you now..stupid lapalapa head

SAMUEL: blow me?? Blow me ko, blow me ni..I wE perish you with your blow! useless baboon

For your primary skool,

When things like this happen,

The class captain/monitor go shout…..escuse me ma/sir……TWO FIGHTING!!!!!!

Others will be at the top of their voices......, i will tell aunty/uncle.....for U! U!! U!!!

And others will be singing "akiti lo le ja ...ija lo le ja"

Test 1: If you did not use this exercise book then your primary school education is doubtful

Test 2: You must be able to recite/sing at least 10 of the under listed BY HEART:

Some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but have no food. We have food and we can eat. Glory be to thee o Lord. Amen.

The day is bright is bright and fair

oh happy day, the day of joy

The day is bright is bright and fair

oh happy day, the day of joy

mama jellof rice!

oh my home o my home

oh my home o my home

wen shall i see my home

wen shall i see my nativeland

i will never forget my home!

holiday is coming [2x]

no more warning bells

no more teachers cane.

goodbye teachers, goodbye scholars

I ' m going 2 spend

a jolly holiday [2x]

h-i-p- for d hip

p-o-p-o for d hipopo

and t-a-m-u-s for the hipopotamus1


parents listen to your children

we are the leaders of tomorrow

try and pay our school fees

and give us good education

I am a little sailor boy that comes from the sea

that comes from the sea to marry you

Oh will u marry marry marry

will you marry me?

8 o ' clock is d time 4 skul, dnt be l8t in d mornin.

8 o ' clock is 4 boys and gals, come 2 skul in za mornin.

Morning has broken, like the 1st morning, blackbirds have spoken, like the 1st word

Praise for the singing. Praise for the morning, Praise for the evening, Fresh from the world.

Closing time in the afternoon:

Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh, shadows of the evening, still across the skies

Glory to the father, Glory to the son, And to thee blessed spirit, Whilst all ages run, Amen!

rain rain go away

come another noda day

Little children want to play

Johnbull my Son I Sent You to School

You dont Know how to Spell Your Name

J O H N B U Double L

You dont Know how to spell your name?

Tisha jowo, mo fe lo wa nkan je 2X

Omo oni resi tide

Obe iresi n ta san san

Aduke Alake omo oniresi tide

Oun soju robo robo

E feran sobe wa.

all things bright and beautiful, all creature great and small

all things bright and wonderful,

the lord god made them all.

He gave us eyes to see them

And lips that we might tell

He gave us "something" colors

And made the mighty se E E E

Bojuboju o oh! Oloro m ' bo! e para mo o oh!

Se kin se, Shee!! she she she she Shee!!

E pere Mi Heey! Eni toloro ba mu , a paaa je (A paa jee!!)

Jack and Jill went up to a hill,

To fetch a pail of water

jack fell down and broke his Leg,

And jill came tumnling after(wonder what they really went to do up that hill)

sanda lily sanda lily,

sanda lily sanda li,

if u know where to go,

you will no when to stop


my mother, who sat and watched my infant head

when sleeping on my cradle bed, and tear affectionately shed,

My Mother

When pain and sickness makes me cry, you gaze upon my heavy eye

and pray to God that i shouldn’t die,

My Mother,

prayer is the key 2x

prayer is the master key

Jesus started with prayer

and ended with prayer

prayer is the master key, ACTION (then we start demonstrating without singing)

Row Row Row your Boat

Gently down the stream

Merrily merrily merrily merrily

Life is but a dream.

old Rodger is dead and gone to his grave, hmm!!, haa!!, gone to his grave

he planted an apple tree over his head, hmm!!, haa!!, over his head

the apple grew ripe and ready to drop, hmm!!, haa!!, ready to drop

there came an old woman to pick them all up, hmm!!, haa!!, pick them all up

old Rodger got up and gave a knock, hmm!!, haa!!, gave her a knock

cant remember the rest.

papa mama school no dey,

wetin happen?

our teacher dey smoke gari for school

which kind gari?

ijebu gary

, cele wata,

calabar groundnut

ondo suger







Wherever you go ( Go go gongo)

Wherever you be (sisi eko)

Do not say yes when you mean to say no (baba ibadan )



Sumptuous said...

Lol. Nostalgic! Those were d days mehn. Pure innocence, sheer bliss.

Neo said...

lmao at bombastic element! I knew like almost all those songs by heart so no doubts on my cred.

long live Bereton Montessori N&P school.

Lady X said...

LOL! Gosh I laughed so hard reading this. Thank you for this. And does anyone know this song

"Olodo Rabata O messa No wonder Oshi Patete Silesi No wonder SHAME!!!!"

We'd sing it if someone got zero on a test lol!

shorty said...

Lol,you got me laughing all through this post. Nice one!

LucidLilith said...

Oh my goodness. i was laughing so hard.
St. child's Nursery and Primary School

and St. Mary's in Anthony Village.

Zena said...

lol, I remember vividly

you went to saint gloria's? a couple of my people went there...know an Immaculate Agbame and Rena Aiyegbusi?

Anonymous said...

Awwww I am jamming in my office. My primary school education is Naija certified (I could send most of the songs!!! lol)

Myne Whitman said...

Those were the days, lol. I know almost all those songs, we used them to march in from assembly, lol.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see how many of these songs i could remember. Though i was singing the rivers in Africa one sometime last week. In the version i know Congo comes before Benue.
I bet children in other countries don't spend so much of their primary school life singing.

NBB said...

Nostalgia! i was smiling all through and remembering that I actually sang some of these songs some years back. I wonder what kids sing these days

2cute4u said...

I was laughing so hard and then I saw the exercise book and it occurred to me that that stuff isn't in existence or is it?nice nice original good work.. Back to the basics jare.

leggy said...

ha ha ha...i actually sang some out.

BBB said...

@ Zena... i actually know rena cant remember immaculate, renua was in my class her mum owns the school right?.....

doll said...

o my goodness!!!memories

Harry-Rami Itie said...

OMG!!! Memories...how did u get the cover of that Olympic note book

OmoIbadan Tuntun said...

I went to a buttie primary school, in downtown Ibadan...Mokola to be precise, we were too busy singing nursery rhymes, getting prepped to even fight each other, we were all so proper, we spoke to each other with "please", "sir" etc....better believe this gist, cos I don't even believe me.


man takes me bak lol

Zena said...

yes BBB, Immaculate went to the secondary school my fault...but then you know Damilola Folorunsho, Adelaja and the rest of them then?


Tai -Osagbemi Boma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tai -Osagbemi Boma said...

lwkmd, i got tears in my eyes from laughing!! this is funny. nice 1.
omo children of nowadays no they sing this kind song o!
na ~ Ella ella eh eh eh ~ dem dey sing,


Femme Lounge said...

lwkmd! i remember all the songs! sanda lily was one of the girls favorites. real old school compilation.

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO! This post really cracked me up girl. Ahh that Olympic notebook was the ish o! And all those songs? lmaoooo.

Ms. Catwalq said...

U r bringing back the memories girl

Gamine-B said...

AHHHHH Kai...Oh d days of bliss...

But d version of the Rivers song I know has no Benue...It has Senegal where Benue is.

aeedeeaee said...


Anonymous said...

These times were great in Naija.Learning those songs was getting us ready for days like these. When songs like 'home my home, iya ni wura iyebiye'come handy for the Naijas in diaspora.
labe igi orombo, nibe l'agbe nsere wa.Unfortunately, things have changed in Naija for the worse. Thanks to Pa. Awolowo for his visions, "FREE EDUCATION AT ALL LEVELS" We all are the Beneficiaries.

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