Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's happening

Hi guys,
Been a while since I wrote a post about what's been happening in my life
I guess I was letting twitter take over

I am at a stage in life where the days seem to be flying and I dnt seem to be making progress

I started java classes since as a computer engineer with my half CCNP I am structured to only one line of IT I decided to learn programming so I can be a well structured IT expert

The low side of this is I seem to be doing so much at the same time with so little money

Combining my CCNP classes with my java classes and my bizness and my weight loss regime and my nysc and reading for my CCNP switching exam that I missed when I went for nysc camp, filling admissions for schools for masters (which includes pursuing my transcript , references et all) , blogging, twittering(is dat even a word lol)
Bbming, my life is a merry go round

I am almost going crazy, not to talk of the fact that right now am the brokest I have ever been in my life

In fact right now I have a persistent headache
Trying to manage my life at the moment Is so. Much hard work, I guess this is what it means to be an adult, miss being a student so much when all I had to worry about is getting A's, can't wait to start masters in sept.
Its taking the grace of God
And to say he has been faithful is an understatement
He is a wonderful father

Hope yall having a better time in your life

PS I really need a holiday :)
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leggy said...

take it easy oh..biko find time to rest.

2cute4u said...

Hmm, sorry.. Life sucks sometimes but it makes you stronger, as for the money aspect,it's just a phase.. you'd be fine,okay?
please visit
Thank you so very much

neefemi said...

pele dear - it is well, just keep your eyes on ur prize and try to get some rest before u crash ok :)

Neo said...

been there, its crazy. thought i'd lose it in the run up to gettin ready for masters. but it'll get better.

Myne Whitman said...

Don't be too worried dear, everything will work itself out, just keep your head down. All the best with the CCNP and the application for masters, you may need to cut back on twittering, bbming and co, lol.

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

I hope all will be well very worries, all the hard work will pay off asap!!!!

BBB said...

@leggy thanks dear, this public holiday was a real life saver

@2cute4u, thanks for the encouragement, ur doing a really good job keep it up

@neefemi, dats excatly what am doing, i just keep tellin myself that by next year i will e reaping d fruits....

@neo, what wont kill me wil make me stronger no?

@myne obviously i will be cutting back..... cos this social networking sites are serious distractions...

@blowing blessings, it better pay off soon oh, am tired lol

doll said...

now this is what my life sounds like right now...i believe we are truly sisters from diff mothers...hwz TY tho?

BBB said...

aww so am not alone, its crazy oh!!!!!
TY is great thanks for asking!!!
hope things get better for you too

chayoma said...

dnt we all need a holiday...
take am jeje abeg

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