Monday, April 26, 2010

10 things plus PH jist

1) Smiles: i am a smiling person, i always smile that's my personality, its easy to know when am down you wont see a frown, there just wont be a smile, my brother calls me ismaila... hehehehe

2) My blackberry: its my blogging and twitting machine, i am addicted to it i swear down, my mum has threatened to seize it times without number, what was i doing when i didn't have one,

3) Love: i totally love love, love stories,movies , novels,songs, they all speak to me, i love watching people fall in love, hearing people speak about love, i love weddings and d smile on the brides face, i love awwwwing and ooohhhing, i love giving love out, making TY feel loved, i love the four letter word in its entirety

4) Going to the cinemas: i would rather pay money to watch a movie at the cinema than see it at home, there is just something about that big screen that calls to me. the surround sound, the popcorn and hot dogs, the laugh of the person next to me, snuggling TY at d movies *wink*

5) i love text messages: i love messages from TY, i treasure them in our 6year relationship, i have about 600texts stored, from him, and now that bbm has come to replace text, i have our entire conversations on history, i go through them when i misss him, it tells our story

6)Ice cream: i am an ice cream girl, that's what i take when i want to be happy, if i am having a sucked up day, i just go get ice cream, if am celebrating i get ice cream.... yum

7) Shoes: shoes shoes shoes shoe need i say more

8) Clothes: dressing up, pairing them, coming out knowing you look hot,browsing online for clothes, my colleagues are tired of me, i always have a boutique site opened, i follow a lot of fashion blogs, umph i love clothes,

9) Medical Series: i wonder why i didn't read medicine instead of engineering, i love medical series, from greys anatomy, to house, to ER, to Scrubs etc i am hooked, i enjoy the conversation and the commitment of the doctors, its amazing that i actually hate hospitals in real life

10) Agbalumo(cherry) , Corn : this should have come at number one but i didn't want y'all to think i was razz hehehehe *wink, i am addicted to these things, i would eat agbalumo whether ripe, sour, spoilt i love it, i have mad skills in selecting sweet ones and then Corn, boiled or roasted, am in heaven, hehehehehe

So i travelled to PH for work stuff, the company lodged us (myself and the team) in Protea nice hotel, the food was superb the gym wonderful, those are d amenities i utilized hehehe, cos as i ate i tried to gym it out, the food there was heavenly, (don't mind me jor)
I am serving in an oil firm, and we took some staff of NNPC with us to PH, they where to do a review on d company's spending for last year, anyway this NNPC staff are mostly old men, disgusting old men some of them are sha - loud men that expect to be treated like kings just cos we want a good review.
Watching them eat daily at the hotel was hilarious, they had to have everything on the buffet table, serious, i saw one have rice as first course- swallow(Eba, pyam and the likes) as second course, Psoup, cake, sausages, as third course and then sea food.
It was like he was in a race to eat everything if not the money would waste
i pity the toilet that night
My boss put me in charge of collecting the surveys filled by the NNPC and out staff to access the review
it was a one week thing and we had about 200people involved, he gave me a target on 100people, all those stupid old men saw it as an opportunity to hit on me just cos i wanted them to fill the survey, I was highly disgusted, they would even go as far as getting my room number at d hotel and be disturbing me at night to come down mscheew
After sometime i got so mad i filled like 20 surveys by myself *wink, i got from those that respected themselves and left the randy old men

i got some food poisoning on the last day, am sure it was the sea food that caused it, wasn't funny at all
Anyway it was a fun trip, PH is nice and they have crazy traffic also and their roads are so narrow u cant overtake, let me hear anybody complain about Lagos again lol

take care people


Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

Nice list! I def love #3 and I'm def feelin #2...bbs are addictive!!!


And I'm glad you had a nice trip minues those old men..smh!

sosexy said...

Hmmm, So now I know you better.
Atleast be thanking God the old men didn't make advances at you.

Different said...

Cool List!
I woulda done the same thing, just filled the freaking forms myself! hehehe

Fabulo-la said...

LOOL! Let your ogaa catch you on your blog.
Lool ..filling the form yourself..shidren of nowadays.

My world said...

babe,you have come again abi? missed you sha!
welcome you list :-))

Lady X said...

What the hell? That man can eat! Ahn ahn! Does he have a pot belly? My friends sometimes get part time jobs and they have to get people to fill out surveys, its hilarious watching them do it especially because of the random men that they attract!

Sumptuous said...

Your list tres cool. Na wah for dat glutton man o. Awoof dey run belle. No mind em. Lol @ filling d questionnaire urself, me sef did dat for my project. Welcome back.

neefemi said...

yaaayyyyy to medical them

honey91 said...

grr...i hate blackberries...
my friends always have their heads buried in them wen we go out...
im sure ill love them wen i get one..

ps- awwww at #5 and messages from TY


Yay at text messages. In New Zealand, I am on a 2000txt per month and funny enough, I always finish the text before month end. haha.
Yes o... me too I have lots of msgs from my dearie stored - definitely our story too.

I think Imma get a blackberry next with this new wave o. lol

Ehya.. sorry about the old men & food poison. It is well with you.


BBB said...

@BBYW thanks hun, bbs are crazy addictive jor

@sosexy dey did make advances oh, i just didnt pay them the time of the day

@different u suppose me abi? thank u jare, desperate times desperate measures no?

@fabulola i cant be pursuing those randy men jor, when i have biro and my fingers hehehe

@my world, thanks hun, missed you too visiting ur blog now

@ladyx, serious the man was just a plain glutton thats all
seriously the only thing worse that filling surveys is marketing

@sumptous, am not so bad abi, at leats am getting supporters here for filling it myself

@neefemi, they make so much sense abi

@honey91, hahaha i used to hate blackberries too till i got my own, hehehe, TYs head was always buried in his.

@LDP 2000txts a month??? what are u sending hehehe
na wa oh...
seriously i can write a book from d text messages

Tisha said...

hey medicine is not as cool as it is on tv
yoou could stick to 'grey anatomy'.

Myne Whitman said...

Nice list, I love agbalumo too but some are not sweet enough for me.

Your PH gist is hilarious. Old men in Nigeria, ha, nothing randy pass them sha, lol.

NBB said...

nice list. Im sure about the BB and I can remember u mentiond agbalumo couple of times.

doll said...

Am with you on the lu thing..i luv luv with the whole of my heart, i love seeing people in luv, i luv the brides face on the wedding too, i love luv stories and happy a hopeless romantic

I love the cinemas too...i hate watching movies at home...the vd at home is reserved for the numerous series am addicted to

I love sms too...and i store them up and move them from phone to phone...when i was changing my sony ericsson..i had over 2000 message and it took me a week plus to select the 50 i wanted to move with me

Serving in an oil firm? thought yu were posted t Ilorin..did you redeploy to Lag?

LucidLilith said...

LOL. Silly old should have given them fake room numbers and pretended like you made a mistake.

btw- how can rice be first course and eba be second...does he want to die from pot belly disease? Shio!

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

I served in NNPC as well and I know how nasty those old men can be! lol

Anonymous said...

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