Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Appearances are always mostly deceiving

Have you ever really looked at a person
I mean really looked,
OK look around you, pick a face, any face, and stare( don't let them catch you oh hehehe)
OK for real
did u notice it??
the change??
the more you stare the more the persons face starts to appear real to you
you see the way the person really looks
behind the makeup, or the color of the skin
you notice the contour of the nose
the size and shapes of the lips
and then its strikes you
that person you thought ugly actually is beautiful
and the beautiful person, well.......

and sometimes
the ugly person becomes uglier :)
and the beautiful person .. well Ur speechless
sometimes we have to look really well
to see what is right in front of us
appearances are always mostly deceiving

in some what related news
i went to the bank located inside our company's premises yesterday afternoon
while waiting to be attended to
i noticed the guy beside me
sort of an OK chap
not handsome
but not ugly either
he just had an OK face
well it wasn't it face that made me notice him
it was the way he was dressed
he was wearing a really cool corduroy blazer
an awesome grey shirt, i could only see d cuffs and the collar but the texture was really cool
nice fitted pants, he wore them really well
as i looked down,
noticed that his shoes were really nice
all in all
his dressing was a full 100%
fashion forward
i was just staring
awesome wristwatch,
and a blackberry bold2 in his palm

yeah well, i smiled to myself
i am a sucker for a guy that has great taste
and then i noticed that he was typing up an email on his blackberry
that's when my heart fell
i almost shouted GBAGAUN!!!!!
(for those of u on twitter you know what that means)
yes you got it
he was seriously shelling in the email
awesomely-dressed dude couldn't write in proper English
i wanted to turn and shake him
just as fast as i was turned up by his dress sense
he totally turned me flat by not knowing how to communicate in proper English
SUCH A WASTE!!!!!!!!

hope the week has been awesome
just 2 more days to weekend yippee!!!

PS: My blackberry got stolen over the weekend, went to hangout with some tweeps at GET in lekki and someone nabbed it from my bag, am still in mourning, so sad!!! i cried sha :)


doll said...

heya! sorry bout your how are you coping? i know you are a BB addict?

Tolu Akanni said...

Pathetic!!... I feel sorry for the guy.
Smile dear, a better BB is on the way!

Funms-the rebirth said...

i agree, appearances can sometimes be deceiving...
lol @ d dude, eh ya....
sorry again about ur BB...i know how u feel. i almost lost my mind when my BB fell into water at the beach over easter and stopped working after 3 weeks of usage

Fabulo-la said...

From your bag? Eyah pele o!

nd as for dude....lmao!
I hope you didnt laugh out loud?


Piscean Gem said...

poor dude... When I was younger, I used to laugh at gbagaun-ers. Now, I have so much sympathy for their plight. Blame it on the poor foundation they had.

Warning to parents-Corona, Greensprings and Grace might be pretty expensive but it is worth the investment.

My opinion might have been clouded by the fact that I'm in love with a sheller. I always hold my breath when he speaks in public. Thankfully, he usually converses in the good ol' pidgin... love him to bits tho...

BBB hope u get a better bb

neefemi said...

eya pele and lol @ such a waste, haba na so it take do you, lol.

2cute4u said...

Kai! sorry oh..and see, I'm thinking of getting myself one. I don begin fear.
True,nothing turns me off than a guy who 'shells'.That said, he made a mistake, perhaps? But you sef! You too look!
Send me a blank mail so we can talk.

shorty said...

Eyyah kpele about you BB i know how it feels a new one is on the way :)

Chei! i no fit talk for this guy matter

Lady X said...

Aww @ PG's comment.
Sorry about your BB. I read this post waiting for the part where something awesome would happen and then I was disappointed at the shelling part! You can't have it all they say.

Jaycee said...

Ha ha ha ha...#Gbagaun

Anonymous said...

Nice Anon:Sorry about losing your phone. Things like that shouldn't happen.

Myne Whitman said...

Eh yaa, sorry about your BB, hope you can get a new one soon. BTW, the weekend is still far o...

ps, now I know what gbagaun means, lol.

leggy said...

chee yah, sorry oh.
sometimes that happens to me..look at someone and think ;was i drunk when i thought he was cute?'

leggy said...

chee yah, sorry oh.
sometimes that happens to me..look at someone and think ;was i drunk when i thought he was cute?'

Favoured Girl said...

LOL, appearances can indeed be deceiving. Although I usually don't put people in a box in one meeting.
Sorry about the theft of your BB!

Tatababe said...

Sorry about ur BB, that person no try at all.
Lol at dude tho, kai! that's one of my pet peeves....

NBB said...

Trueee! appearance can really deceive

alice said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BBB said...

@doll well i guess now dat am without a bb am in rehab no? :)
@Tolu amen to a better BB, am thinkin the latest one 9650 isnt it,
hope father xmas is listening
@Funmi thank u , i remember ur dilemma on twitter with restoring stuff
@fabulola fom my bag oh, all these thieves are gettn extra smart
@PG awwww cute, yay to love, it does overcome all, all d best

@neefemi na so e do me oh, ahn ahn haba, after all d dressing, i should have sugested adult educatn classes

BBB said...

@chacha av sent d mail, dnt be scared oh, they can steal any fone, and d advantages of havn one are worth it

@shorty thanks love

@ladyx, haha u were dissapointed abi, me too oh

@jaycee pishaun, haha twitter people smh

@niceanon its sad but its life, i wonder how much he got when he sold it

@mynewhitman weekend isnt so far now with the public hol, lol
u didnt know what gbagaun meant hehehe

@leggy lmao, knowing u , u prolly werent drunk, d guy was just stupid ugly lol

@favouredgirl thanks love, i guess thats best advice, because people really arent true at d first meeting

@tatababe the person no try sam sam, d swear ehn..... God forgive me

@NBB totally

Evee said...

Looks can be very deceiving, you can just imagine. Same goes for girls too. Sorry about your BB.


Ehya, your BB? I know how much you love that thing. It is well. Restoration will come :)

Appearance deceives ehn? If you want to know, come to New Zealand. Correct fine boy or girl... to hold a simple 5mins conversation, they can't! Some of them are a turn off.


LucidLilith said...

Em...staring at a person for that long will definitely warrant a harrasment charge. Somehow, it feels so

Femme Lounge said...

its not too late for the guy dt can't communicate in english if he really wants to learn.

sorry about your phone, i know how it feels too.

bob-ij said...

LOL! Pity the dude! BBs make Shelling easy jo! I had a humongous #GBAGAUN a couple of nights ago. An inexcusable one at that! lol And lol at looking closely at people. I agree though. After you've know a person for some time, they seem different oh well.... tis life!


Gidi_Genius said...

Ehm just wanted to ask how u were able to view an email in progress & for your blackberry, a better one is on the way

BBB said...

@gigi_genius i am an aproko like that now, what do i have eyes for hehehehe

lola said...

hi i love your blog. As for the clean dude there are a lot of them outside that is why its said that looks can be deceiving.

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