Thursday, April 15, 2010

Controversy Day---- CAN A LEOPARD CHANGE ITS SPOTS? (conclusion)

We have more people saying that a beater can change!

most people say that its only God that can help
and some say most people should be giving a second chance, but not a third
we have a lower population who wouldnt wait around to see d change or not as it maybe

As an optimistic person
i probably would give the person another chance, but
as a woman or a man  you have to remain guarded, dnt fully open yourself up until you are entirely sure that the person has changed
and once you are sure
MOVE ON!!!!!
i cant stress that enough
if you keep holding on to that experience that relationship will never prosper

thanks for all the responses

watch out for the next controversy day
we would be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of technology in our relationships eg (cellphones, twitter, skype, blackberrymessengers, facebook)
promises to be enlightening
have a superb day


Tisha said...


Tisha said...

I can't say that a beater changes. I have been hit before but never by a b.f, i don't think i have ever gotten close to anyone to give them the opportunity.

I was choked once sha

BBB said...

OMG God forbid,
what will possess a person to do that
the person must be a demon sha

Fabulo-la said...




doll said...


Sumptuous said...

Choked ke? As in hand gripping throat? I tink dats even a notch higher than hitting. I'm sorry but i cant seem 2 get ova this. Did he want to kill u?


Recently read a news in a New Zealand news paper of a woman who set ablaze the manhood of her husband - they are both indians. She said, "it [the manhood] is mine and he shldnt use it on anyone else" explained the woman, on why she did it.

Hmm.. wait o. Cheat or no cheat, is it worthy to give such a woman a second chance?

PS: the husband died from the attack o so no space for him to decided whether he will give second chance or not. hahaha


Jaycee said...

OOOOOOOHHHH yay for technology. I know I made it through my LDR with skype. He he...

Jaycee said...

I just saw what Tisha wrote...oh my goodness? Choked by whom?

Myne Whitman said...

There are good and bad sides of technology, but I'll wait for your post. Nice summary here.

F said...

Without meaning to come off kinky... Na which kind choking Tisha dey talk? This world wey we dey choking get level o...

On a serious note sha, I think it depends on the circumstance. A guy who loses his temper once and hits a woman isnt necessarily a beater... He's just a guy who got mad. Plus you know we are gifted in pushing these men's buttons... Weaker sex, my yansh. The true beaters are the ones who do it for sadistic reasons, as a habitual thing... Those ones cannot change. Interesting topic sha.

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