Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random thoughts

Why am I so lazy?
Why can't life be simple
Why are friends so freaking annoying, I can't be trying to please u jor
Why can't I go clubbing myself, why must I go with girlfriends cos am scared of lookin desperate
Why can't I go clubbing with a guy cos am scared he might want sex at d end of d night *all dat drinkn has to go somewhere*
I want to go for djinees SWE bar thingy today, but it might finish really late, and I won't be able to return to my fathers house at dat time of d night, *sigh* might just have to club after and I can't club alone
I really want to change my nail polish, but am so so so lazy right now
I haven't exercised in 2mnths, told myself I was taking a 2mnths break, I lost 5pounds in d first month cos of d whole TY stuff, and now av gained dem back :(
My 2mnths ends today :(, tomorrow begins with a strict diet and exercise
Visited olumo rock yesterday with my sister, so beautiful, God is really awesome, dat rock is sitting on nothing, why doesn't it shift
Renovations in my house is driving me crazy
Crazy crazy crazy, noise, gbam, gbish, gbe *sigh*
Haven't read any blogs in days, have to remedy dat today
Been craving one dereon handbag like dis, kai beaurifulllll bag, why can't I win d lottery
I think its my blackberry that is making me lazy, d thing is d antichrist
I miss my student life, can't wait to get to canada and be a student again *is dat weird?*
My mum is renovating a house we won't be living in, smh for her, wonder wat she is thinkin, like when we leave might not cum back till xmas next year
My sister is driving me crazy, wearing my clothes, and my shoes, why oh why are we d same size, and she has nothing fab I'd like to steal, why am I d first?
Best way to get over a guy is to get under a new one, so send applications for hot hot guys * hehehehe I still love TY* *am just a fool, wouldn't mind neefemi's brother sha, am sure he can help me getover TY*
I want to learn french and spanish, I just believe dat sex would be kinky if I can speak spanish O_O
Have a sorethroat right now dat is driving me absolutely crazy
D interior decorator for our renovations is hot #justsaying
Finally replaced my atm card, I forsee stupid shopping in my future
Definitely going to see inception dis week, thinkn of doing a marathon movie day with inception, ije and salt, any takers?
Am a list person, always have a list of things to buy!!! Hehehehe, mostly shoes and clothes and perfumes, and d list never ends :(
I want a new hobby, maybe I should learn photography or a musical instrument or something
I need to start reading more practical books, and leave all dis romance novels for good. Might start with autobiographies
I feel like playing monopoly
Saucekid is a really annoying artist, listened to him on d radio yesterday bleh!!!!!
I want an artistic side :(
What's my purpose on earth, am still searching!!!!!

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Myne Whitman said...

LOL...this girl you're a hoot. Get off that bb sharpish and get with the program. Ehen I tot I was the only onr that noticed that Neefemi's brother eh? LOL..

Getting over a guy by getting under another? Not so sure...

Guys want sex after one night of clubbing? SMH...


This, I rather call it, Multi rants lol

For new hobby, I'd suggest new musical instrument. Acoustic guitar. If you are a christian who enjoys worship, you may just thank me for it :)


ZeL said...

I ♥ Saucekid. awwww

Lol@getting over a guy by getting under another....dont think that works.

Movie Marathon, would be nice

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

I saw SALT half way, can't wait to see it fully again.

I'm not a fan of Sauce Kid...
Photography dsnt sound bad.

Inception was really good!

Hope u're saving oo, all this buying and buying lol

Favoured Girl said...

I enjoyed reading this, it was like going for a walk in your mind! Hope you're doing great.

2cute4u said...

Too bad I love sauce kid oh, how we go do am na?
Loved the post die..
You make what you think, feel so real for those of us not so close to you..
So maybe the artistic thing you should do is REALLY WRITE..

doll said...

i was @ swe on fri..nothing D'jinee happened..

Am sure your mum wants to live the house in good condition

Olumo? you know a thing about tripping yourself o! am so jealous

As for you still being in luv with will soon get over it jare

mizchif said...

Saucekid irritates me!!!!!
Ughhh, can't stand him.
Unfortunately Sinzu is sinzu comes on on gidilounge and i start bobbing my head.

Miss Natural said...

You pple were not the only one oh, neefemi's brother is hot! lol. hehe its like taking both a walk, run and jog in your mind and feeling refreshed afterwards. Hope you're feeling less bleh now hehe

neefemi said...

lol.... u will meet him when you come..

funny read

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