Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ki ni Big Deal

Being Single for the longest av ever been in my adult life brings me to a point of reasoning,
Wat exactly is d big deal with being single
Most times we realize that our search of love or companionship stems from fear of being alone especially being a girl that has always had someone there, the thought of being single is especially terrifying.
while being a part of a whole or being in a loving relationship is  a beautiful thing "i know" i was in it.
Being single certainly has its props.
I realize that while i might not have a warm body on my bed, or someone to tell me i love you at odd times of the night
I have more time to explore "me" know what "me" entails, being in a relationship kinda meshes me and turns me into "we", you start to enjoy what "we" enjoys, you start to go where "we" likes, you start compromising
what makes me happy for what makes we happy
Because love is ultimately about sharing, being single is a time to expressly know you, for who you are.
You can now decide to do this cos it make U happy, not cos it makes US happy

I wouldn't like to be single forever
but now that i am, i am taking the opportunity to define myself
i have always been part of a whole, been grouped together with someone
people never really saw me
now i have a chance to make "me" shine
to develop "me" to be the best "me" i can be
so when i do finally get to be part of another whole
i can bring a me that will only make my partner realize being a we with me will be d best decision ever :)

so for now
its time to develop
time to explore
time to make mistakes
time to spread my wings
time to grow
time to love "ME"

after all
kini big deal with being single.........


Blessing said...

I feel u BBB....so true!

Ms.O said...

iLike this post...:)

sweetandsensible said...

well said!!!! very well said!!!


Do I feel u? I certainly do
Do I agree with u? Well, not 100%.
I feel being single indeed calls for a time explore 'me' but also a time to look forward. Prepare yourself while you wait. My 2 cents :)


Myne Whitman said...

You couldn't have said it better.

neefemi said...

Couldn't have said it better.... for 2yrs trust me i enjoyed this to the maximum and if you are really happy there wont even be a longing, and when the relationship comes it finds you in a good place, not a desperate place

iEndorse this post. lol

Miss Natural said...

I can only echo what everyone has said, its a common to hear that relationships dont usually come to those who need it. You have to be complete without a partner before you can successfully enjoy and maintain a r.ship. kudos

ZeL said...

I feel u gal. So true. Making a better "u" while being single is the best way forward

doll said...

absolutely..i concur..enjoy

2cute4u said...

Oh my dearest,
I am so proud of you..
You're getting better, I see...

leggy said...

lol...you'll be fine dear.

Anonymous said...

Looks like i finally found the person that stole my script. lol! Well said

Rita said...

Right spirit and right attitude, I tell you when the right "he" comes along, he will meet an irresistible, whole, lovable lady.

Rita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My world said...

nothing like the freedom and independence of being single...gives you time to "explore" :)

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