Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The bell rings, its just 8am, "sigh"" another day for this school, me sef don tire oh! I never even chop, at least thank God say I early today, all the picking dirty punishment don too much! Na everyday I dey late come dis school, all that early morning bread selling, no dey help plus I go dey hawk fresh bread when me sef never chop, the thing na pure wickedness. Time for school sha no wahala, break time I go find something chop".
Teacher walks into the class, the class rises in an uproar " Goodmorning sir and God bless you sir"
" God bless you too" he replies, can you all pass your assignments to the front of the class.
Kai I no do the assignment sha, what excuse will I give this man today, yesterday was too stressful, after getting home from school yesterday late, because I had to pick my step brothers from their school, and they refused to leave early because they wanted to play, getting home to housework, and still having to go out in the evening to hawk purewater, by the time I got in, I was just too tired.
"Sir, I didn't do the assignment" I said, putting my hands up," my mum fell sick yesterday and I spent the whole night in the hospital"
"Obi everyday you have one excuse or the other, today you must face the consequence" come out here and take some strokes of my medicine."The teacher replied,
I really don't mind the cane, its the look on my classmates face I can't take, they look at me like I'm nothing, they pity me,they see me as the little poor kid, who doesn't deserve to be in this school, like I contaminate them.
I hear all the time that kids are mean, but the ones in my school are not mean, they are wicked
As I stand to walk to the front, I hear whispers from my classmates "why can't he wear an ironed uniform" " he is such a scruffy boy" "lazy fool,ordinary assignment"
I just walk to the front and get ready to be flogged, I know itd hurt because my uniform is so thin now, I might as well be naked, "make the man just hurry up flog me" I talk to myself.
Break time, usually, I go to the cafeteria to assist the women selling there in the hopes of getting something little to eat in return, I decide to head there.
That's when I run into her," na wa oh! God sha use im time create some people, see this babe na, one word beautiful, not fine or not pretty, beautiful, the babe na 10/10, wonder when she joined this school cos I never see am before."
" E be like say she dey waka come dis side, ah"
" Excuse me, pls can you tell me how to get to the cafeteria, I'm new here" oh boy bone dat voice, na wa oh!!!
" I'm on my way there I can show you"
She follows me, I'm almost stumbling there, the fact that she noticed me, and spoke to me just put a positive spin on my day,even if it was just to ask for directions
And as we walk into the cafeteria, she stops me, looks into my eye, and says " you are not lazy or a fool" " obi, I see you" with that she smiles and walks away

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Blessing said...

Aww how cute :-)

Keep em coming!

Ms.O said...


2cute4u said...

I like o..
But prefer Prose2.. lol..
Curse me remain..

Sugabelly said...

Awww!!! Pretty good.

Hey, it would be amazing if you posted this on Nigerian Fiction - http://www.nigerianfiction.com

Anonymous said...

it was very interesting to read. I want to quote your post in my blog. It can? And you et an account on Twitter?.

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