Friday, November 19, 2010


Music plays in the background, I can hear it below the bustle of the guests, everyone has a smile on their face, its exactly how I imagined it, my wedding reception, about 200 of my closest friends and family, nicely seated, orderly, calm, laughs, everyone at ease.
I look over to my mother, she seems to be in a serious discussion with my mother-inlaw, probably discussing which family would get to name the first grandchild, the two mothers have been obsessed with grandchildren, since Jide and I announced our engagement.
The wedding planner did a fabulous job, wonder why people complain about how stressful planning a wedding can be, Michelle was Godsent, handled all the little details, knew how to use her initiative, all I did was explain my concept and dream to her, and she had made it a reality
The dj was currently playing my favorite song, and I look around to locate Jide, maybe I could sneak in another dance, it was after all my day, I turn to the last place I spotted him, he had a thing for being the life of a party, so he was currently going round saying hi to everyone, my feet had been killing me because I has insisted on wearing 5inch heels, so I decided to sit that one down, I had sent my sister to help me get the flats I told her to keep handy just because of this issue.
I still couldn't locate Jide, all round the hall, I looked, decided to stand and go find him for myself, maybe he had gone to get something from the car, there wasn't any other reason he'd be missing from his own wedding reception.
I sit back down and wait, something didn't feel right, but I couldn't place my finger on it, being the stubborn person I am, I got in search of my man.
Strolled out of the reception hall, I could see the car but Jide was nowhere in sight, now I was really getting paranoid, I knew something bad was going to happen since I woke up with my index finger itching, that sign had never failed me, I decide go back into the hall, to ask Jide's bestman and bestfriend yemi if he had seen Jide, just as I turn to walk into the hall, I hear a faint giggle coming from a car close by, looks like Yemi's car, I just shake my head, that boy and women ehn, I wonder which of my friends he has around his little finger this time.
I decide to walk there and ask him about Jide, as I creep up close to the car, I realize the voice I am hearing is Michelle's my wedding planner, I just shake my head, Yemi never seizes to surprise me, anyway Michelle did a good job, she should have a good time, and if yemi rocks her boat why the hell not abi.
That's until I realize the man with Michelle is my very own Jide, my groom, my husband!!!! She has her arms around my man, on my wedding day!!!!
I try to recall the last thing I told Michelle, " Thankyou for making today a reality, and taking care of all the little things that make me happy" and she had replied" oh you are welcome, I play my part very well" I knew there had been something sarcastic about the reply, the bitch!
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Myne Whitman said...

What!!! LOL...that was a hot ending. You tell a good one.

Neefemi said...

Nicely written and God forbid, sha. lol

Blessing said...

OH NOOOOO, she DIDN'T!!! I would beat! God forbid for real!!!!

Anonymous said...

Uhm... The story is nice but very very far fetched; grooms do not disappear like that during the wedding reception and even if he was doing the wedding planner d dumbest of men would have been more discreet

shorty said...

Kai this is a disaster not even one of her friends but the wedding planner. Nicely written.

2cute4u said...

Nice one Happy BBB..
You do good work...

Anonymous said...

Nicely written written

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