Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in review

And 2010 is over,

Today is January 1st 2011, i look up from my laptop screen, reflecting the year, i can only say Wow!!!!!
2010 was crazy, heartbreaking, satisfying, frustrating, filled with accomplishments and groundbreaking knowledge.

lets see what i can summarize about my year.
2010, was a very good year for me i concluded my CCNP exams, took java classes, i can write basic programs now, Im  starting my masters program this month.
Started Cupid Gift Consulting with my friends, Vals was crazy hectic, our first big festive season, and we totally killed it, Thank God, took a break to complete my CCNP exams, but still in 2010 we tried and i can say we conquered
Best part of 2010, the friends i made *sigh* the best of the best, i can only thank God, he brought really special people my way this year, people that helped me grow, that encouraged me, gave me a shoulder when i was down, when i think of my friends, i see how blessed i am
One of the biggest changes ever, i broke up with tuoyo this year, 6years of having him in my life, June this year saw us splitting up, it was a massive change, i totally broke down after, June, july and august are a blur in my mind, i just existed through out those months, threw myself into my CCNP exams, and concluded those,
Finally got to a point where i am balanced, we have become friends now, very good friends at that, hard to totally cut him off after loving him so much for so long.
i am sure i am over him, cos i actually fell for another guy *sigh*, as at november i was almost dating 3guys at once X_X, i think it was a defense mechanism, trying to make sure i don't fall for a guy so i wouldnt get hurt again.
But am over all that and i realize that id do those 6years with tuoyo again, cos they were wonderful years, and i would give myself totally to another guy again, if i like someone i would go out and tell them, and see what can come out of it, am a great girl and i dont do things halfway, whatever went wrong with tuoyo wasnt my fault and just cos things went bad doesnt mean i wouldnt find true love with someone else, i am not turning bitter cos of it.
I started the year on a very high note, but ended it pretty bleh, i am not perfect, but i do love God, i believe in Jesus and i trust him completely, most times i do wrong, i even know its wrong but i kinda overlook it saying i am young, the best part of 2010 were the friends i had that helped me grow spiritually, i most especially met guys who were close to God and who taught me lessons in  faith and spiritual growth, shout to Jerry, you most especially taught me to believe and ave faith.
I think this year had the biggest of them all, oh i grew, through the disappointments and heartbreak and hard times and rough times the constant thing was that i grew, i made mistakes learnt from it, fell down and stood up stronger, i earned respect from my parents, looked up to them more, talked to them more, watched my friends go through rough times and succeed, made some wrong decisions faced the consequences and came out stronger, made the right ones and celebrated the results in big style.
God has been faithful
in it all he has shown me that i only need to ask, and he will be here, he has taught me lessons in humility and hope
i shall never forget 2010

now its January 1st 2011
it is my year, and i will OWN it!!!!!


lani said...

Happy new year!!
2011 will be better than 2010

Good Naija Girl said...

What a great review! I didn't know you were part of Cupid's Gift

I am wishing you a really blessed country, new experiences...there is no limit to what can happen!

Suru said...

Happy new year! 6 years then break up? I can't imagine how tough that must have been but glad you're fine.

Omotee! said...

great post. bet u were one of the best students in ur english classes in sec school, ur summary tells.

this will be a better year and i look fwd with u to a nice summary of this yr too in Jesus name.

disgodkidd said...

happy new year, just discovered your blog and have read through a good number of your posts...even the ones you deleted( reader doesnt forget apparently) but am glad i could read those deleted posts cos they have helped me some. just want to let you know that this blog has touched another life and i will be following. all the best.

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