Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Why do we keep going back? Even when we are hurt over and over again, even when we make the mental note to move on, what's the thing occupying our human capacity that makes us repeat the same mistake over and over again, expecting different result
I think its hope
Or maybe its faith
Whatever it is, I sure have it in abundance
Because even after I say I'd let go, I keep running back to you, even after I know the last time it didn't work out quite as well, even though I know I mess up time and time again, I'd keep asking for another chance, keep hoping ud give me another chance, another chance to make you happy, to make me happy, isn't that what you want? I can try to.
I haven't laughed as much as I usually do, cos I messed up, and I miss your little pun, and the sidejokes, I probably should stop misbehaving, so I wouldn't have to say sorry all the time.
I wonder what part of you I'm attracted to, u aren't the most handsome or the richest or the tallest, but to me you are definitely the funniest :D
You have your crazy issues, I try to understand you but really, there is a limit to the extent of shakara my poor heart can take.

I told God to make sure I get one more chance if its meant to be, the last time I asked him for this, I ended a relationship, I guess that wasn't meant to be

I have put you on my PUSH list

.......Excerpt from my state of mind
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