Friday, February 18, 2011

Drawing a Blank

i want to write but i am drawing a blank
i dont want this to be meaningless or be an update
i want a matured post with something of relevance, that wil make you oooh and aaaah
and applaud.
and tell yourself oh that girl thinks like an adult
her views on things are impressive
thats what i want
i want to be able to blow you away
and take you on this journey while i tell a tale so smooth you'd see it in your mind as 3D
you envisage my surroundings and understand the creases and indepth meanings to my words
your mind will wander and you follow me on a trip of magnificent punchlines and well written paragraphs.
Its much harder than i thought itd be
Impressing you with my dictions and my extensive use of the english language.
I want to write
I am drawing a Blank


Prism of an immigrant said...

This made me laugh, at least you're being honest. We may not always say "oohh and ahhh" or "she thinks like an adult", but we like what you always write :-p

Jaycee said...

Putting forth your feelings this way is highly impressive. I can feel the creases & depth already. :)

Just...Toluwa said... your tale of drawing a blank is also interesting! besides We already think highly of u...

lani said...

oooooh ...
aaaah ....
{round of applause}

I know the feeling!!!
this in itself is great post ... i mean it

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