Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspired by the Real-life Love Stories on

If u didn't visit in the month of February, u totally missed, she had a collection of real life love stories not fiction, stories of people we know, people we talk to everyday, stories of love that overcame all, proof that it does exist.
She had real-love stories every other day in the month of February, people sent in stories of their lives, stories that will inspire u, inspire u to wait for true love, stories that will make u awww, knowing that this time it isn't fiction, its reality,
i totally enjoyed Myne's blog in February, the Wordsmythe's story was definitely my best, her husband is a rare gem, bless his heart.
When u know it isn't a novel, and that its real, and it exist, then when your heart breaks, or u let go of someone for the right reason, you'd know....
...that true love exists and it will find u, yes it will, it'd find me too
And for this very reason we should wait for it, we shouldn't settle for less, but also from these stories what i have learnt is that being overly selective is not a good thing, you really do not know where and who God has planned for you, setting our limits even before we have taken the first step is a failure in itself, We are beyond barricades and idealism, beyond traditions and expectations, trust me the love that will blow your mind wont come in the way u expect, we have to open up and allow. Still remembering to not settle for less because we are in a hurry.

all in all visit read the real love stories from the month of February and be
inspired, it had it all, online love that led to marriages, even love from social networking sites that led to marriage, LDRs that stayed strong, cheating girlfriend that got forgiven and have been married 12years, the unlikely husbands, the people that met via friends and were engaged in 2wks
so much love that defied the odds that we place on relationships today, the odds that society places,............

Love has no bounds, it respects none


Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

Awww ddnt know she had that going on on her blog. Will go and indulge later today while at work :) dnt judge lol

shorty said...

I read the whole thing yesterday, its really inspiring :)

Prism of an immigrant said...

I enjoyed the stories, too,especially Naijamum's story. There's no secret formula to a long lasting relationship I tell ya. If you meet someone today and get married tomorrow, the marriage could possibly last longer than one where the couples courted for years.

Myne Whitman said...

Ahh...I'm really so happy to read this! Glad you were inspired, I was too, especially by the long lasting marriages. You know sometimes, you hear these things, but when it is from people you know, that you share one or two things in common, it becomes real. Thanks for sharing this.

Just...Toluwa said...

i read them everyday and they were really nice. I think my fav was the one where the guy had brought a note book and asked her if she could help write hi future! supa sweet!

Blessing said...

I agree with you, those love stories were sooooo inspiring!

I can't wait to share my story :-)

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