Wednesday, March 2, 2011

L.O.V. E

What is Love
A few years ago, id have had a totally different definition
I realize now that Love differs as stages unveil in your life
as a teenager
and a undergraduate
as a young adult
and as a wife
as a mother
as a life partner
Love used to seem so easy to me
i used to wonder why people had a lot of philosophies about it
after all how hard can it be to find one person that would blow ur mind away
thats how i saw it.
Finding my own definition of love at such a young age jaded my entire idealism of what love entails
Right now i realize that Love isnt a thing, it isnt an emotion.
Its a way of life.
Its existing with someone in happiness
in sadness
in partnership
in communication
in trust
in hardships
in good times
its having patience in multiple bounds
its not putting your dreams on hold but having someone who would let u express yourself
its holding someone at night
its thinking of someone when something good happens
and when something terrible happens
its praying for someone
its living in their shoes
knowing their pains
understanding their defeats and pulling them up from it
its giving without resolve
its receiving without boundaries
its sharing
love knows no bounds.


Blessing said...

It's amazing how our definition of love changes thru the years and diifferent experiences...I use to think that love was easy...but I now know that it's a lot of work and sacrifice BUT it's worth it!

Natural Nigerian said...

Lovely poem. It is so true about the sort of love we need/have changing over the years.

And yes, I agree that it is a way of life. You love in everything you do. Your thoughts, your actions, your words.

Lovely poem.

H said...

Oh, I luv this...I'm going to link this post up with my blog for others to see.

Well expressed

BBB said...

@Blessing it is def worth it with the right person
@ Natural Nigerian Thank you so much
@H :) glad u liked it

Tisha said...

My only definition
'Love never fails...'

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