Sunday, March 6, 2011

On Disrespect

Subtle Disrespect
She sees the signs.
I wonder how she can love someone who i see has no potential of Loving back the right way
I see the signs but she turns her eyes to them
I shake my head at her

She gives too much
Making the same mistake over and over
Giving herself to someone willing to take and encompass her
Until there is nothing left and gives nothing in return

She puts in all the work, just like all the times before
and again they bleed her dry
and which each one that passes
her soft mushy heart dries until the last one will turn it to rock

Why does she stay for so much abuse
Why wont she see what i see
How he gradually lets go of droplets of love
so she'd keep coming back
How he sees her withdrawing and quickly tosses her some goodwill to bring her back.

I see her, I see what she doesn't see
a beautiful girl, with a large heart
Strong in every aspect
weak in heart
so weak, its pathetic
selfless, willing to do anything for someone she loves
but she keeps falling for the wrong men
and they keep taking advantage of her huge heart

I fear for her
Soon there will be nothing left
soon when the right man comes along
the wrong ones would have sucked her dry
Dry of emotion, of love, of feelings

How can she let him disrespect her like this
Take her for granted
Ignore her at will, knowing she;d come back
and still she goes back
time and time again she does

Soon id slap her out of this pathetic cycle she calls her life
WOMAN lift your head up on your shoulders
you deserve better


neefemi said...

Why do i have a feeling you are talking about my cousin?

BBB said...

hmmm i just might be talking to myself, a lot of us out there settling for less these days

neefemi said...

Hugs dear, just know to make the right decision for permanent happiness.

H said...

so true, most women want to be loved so badly, they forget their value.

The desperate need for companionship and the fear of being alone ridicules a woman...

Just...Toluwa said...

this was me three yrs back!

Miss Natural said...

This was definitely me a couple of years back...its such a painful place to be and its so hard to dig yourself out. I hope whoever and whomever is in this situation is able to get themself/selves out asap.

Myne Whitman said...

So many of us women are like this. Wish they could read this!

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