Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Arrrrggghhhh *pulling my hair out*

I'm pissed right now,
My classes are frustrating me
I'm so mad
I'm the only black in two of my classes
And everytime we have to partner up, I end up being without a group
The asians stick together, the middle easterns stick together!
Its becoming soooo annoying
And I bet being female doesn't help!!!
Today we did a ballot for the order of the project presentations of one of my courses and I picked (1)
How the fuck did I pick one
What type of game is the effing universe playing on me!
Like I'm not even close to ready for any presentation and I have less than 2weeks to prepare for it
With all the things I have going on I just want to freaking scream!!!
I'm so mad right now!!!
Today we were supposed to group up for a poster presentation thingie, and again, I'm left without a group!!!
Have to email my prof to please put me in a grp that isn't complete since everyone seems to be paired up and that shit isn't possible cos everyone must have a grp! We are 15 there should be 5grps of 3
These asians are starting to piss me the fuck off!!!!
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Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

Pele dear...just breathe. Take it easy. U got this...u'll do just fine. The Lord is your strength.

Blessing said...

Oh wow...that really sucks.

Just try to make the best outta everything....*hug*

Just...Toluwa said...

i know the feeling. Used to be the only black in my class...I just ignore them!

Breathe...u can do it!

olly said...

I'm having almost the exact same kinda day right now and trust me I understand what ur goin through with the asians..imagine living in the middle east..*sigh*..I got blessed with my asian friends though

shorty said...

Damn! that's exactly what I'm facing right now, yesterday we were asked to group up and I ended up having no group because they all didn't want me to join them and its also the same asians too.

Asians suck!! Take it easy dear its going to be ok *big hug*

BBB said...

I am just going to take it a step at a time,
i guess its Gods way of teaching me lessons in endurance and patience,

the asians might be flat faced and annoying, but i am rising above them
by Gods grace

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