Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Karma

Wowser 3 posts in one day!!!!!
I know i know i am outdoing myself :D

Saw this on tumblr and i had to share

I’m Only Human by @Samanthasiren

I left traces of my mocha lipstick on your colllar
so when she hugs you she’d know you’ve been with another
the other woman is what I choose to settle for
and I know better than to ask for more
I bit your lower lip while we exchanged mouth to mouth
hoping when she kisses you tonight she figures it out
Oh yes indeed you may call me the side line hoe
no conscience or self respect just plain dirty and low
did I mention my leopard thong is sprawled in your backseat
honey better hurry before she finds Victoria’s secret
must confess I get off by knowing you belong to another
the thrill of sharing the next woman’s lover
and your coat pocket has my mothers pendant in it
wifey does your laundry thursday nights?awww shit
baby tonight ..might just be a whole lotta drama
and I do wanna feel bad but i know karma’s karma
cause once upon a time, your girl was my mans’ other woman
dont you think its my turn to Use the excUse “Im only human”?

isnt this super deeeeeeppppppp
karma is a bitch right there lmao

1 comment:

Just...Toluwa said...

i thot..."slut", until the last two lines! nice!

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