Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At peace :)

I seem to be blogging a lot these days lol
I guess i finally came out of hibernation.
So anyway as at this morning i was still feeling a lot down
But right now i am actually very ok, and i high spirit
One of the mid easterns in my class that i asked about the class grp thingie
sent a text today to apologize about how she behaved yesterday, i dont even know how she got my number
But it made me happy, so in anycase i am in a group now.
I started work on the second of my 3 papers today and i have done 5 pages outta 15 not withstanding that it took me 10hrs of sitting in one spot to do it cos i am really careful about plagiarism.
Thank God for the little things in life that bring joy.
I hope to be done with the literature review before i sleep today.
I have taken a break from twitter ( probably why i am blogging a lot) i have to express myself somewhere lol.
Twitter was eating too much into school time, id probably start up again after the semester but for now it has been deleted off my bb. * id take it as my lent thing* lmao
So i havent eaten all day, its 6:43pm right now,
I loooove cooking and if i may say so myself i spoil myself in my kitchen.
todays meal is baked ribs and potatoes, maybe id update with a picture when i am done.
Beginning to regret not stopping at LCBO on my way from school yesterday, coulda really done with a glass of wine right about now.

id leave you with a line from one of my best songs : 
Praise will confuse the enemy......


Jaycee said...

Most times, it's the smallest things that make us happy :)

Hannah said...

A little encouragement, a "sorry", a smile or a pleasant comment, is usually enuff.

I'm glad u feel better

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