Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review of the Vagina Monologues

So i went to see the vagina monologues at my Uni this night, If you don't know what it is or you have never heard about it, its this group of monologues kinda like a collection of poems and proses on gender abuse most time s about females, In Nigeria we usually have the Vagina and Tarzan monologues so its about both male and female issues, its usually very funny and also really educational, I had initially attended one in Lagos and the ladies today blew me away.
The quality of the poems, the monologues, the frankness of it all.
Can i just say my Vagina is now my best friend, they almost made me stand take a small size mirror and try to locate my clitoris in the hall right there X_X.
The monologues on spousal abuse almost drove me too tears,
while the ones on orgasms  where just plain hilarious and actually enlightnening
I felt like i was in a hall filled with women confident enough to defend their sexuality, there was even a monologue on lesbianism, YES!!!! i laughed through it cause i couldnt relate but you should have seen girls applauding.
I tried to record some of the monologues but i was using my blackberry's camera and i sat far away so it isn't really clear am going to upload videos of monologues from youtube though, most of the monologues they did today have been done in various places before so id upload my best monologues, this one is called my angry vagina

and id leave you with this question, what do you privately call your vagina? :P
here's what a few of my schoolmates had to say about it, enjoy :)
I especially found the inception one funny hehehehehe

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Myne Whitman said...

I only saw this once but it left a mark on me. I have no name for my vagina, I just call it that. That video is funny!

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