Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Human disasters

Mouth Opens
Hurts Deepen
Anger Spewed
Words Dispensed

Feelings Hurt
Disappointments Rise
Accusations Fly
Reasoning Disappears

Explanations Given
Considerations taken
Eyes Rolling
Observations Made

Lessons Learnt
Mistakes Made
Regret Looms
Shame rises

Patience Thins
Forgiveness Refused
Expectations Letdown
Resolution Impossible

Arguable points
Unrealistic Accusations
Unmovable spot
Masked anger

El amor perdona cada vez, Usted me duele más.
me hiciste te quiero y luego me abandonó, me rompió el corazón después de prometer que esa identificación esté feliz, no me amaba lo suficiente como para perdonar eso es lo que más me duele, Te amo lo suficiente como para perdonar sus faltas 

PS: This is my 95th Blogpost, getting closer to the 100th, thinking of doing a video-log to answer any questions you might have, if you think its a good idea or you have a better one, drop a comment.
Thank-you so much for all your comments and for even reading at all, Even when you don't drop a comment i see your "mousetrack". God Bless You


lani said...

nice structure ... beautiful

yes, yes the video log is a great idea ...

congrats in advance ...

Just...Toluwa said...

Love is enough!

Nice post!

H said...

lol @ lani.

Yea, a vlog would be nice.

LucidLilith said...

Congrats on approaching 100....gotta give it to us bloggers...

BBB said...

@lani thanks, i seem to be getting better these days
@toluwa if only everyone else would believe that
@h vlog it is
@lucidlilith i know oh, thankyou took me 3years but im getting there

Fani.Edas said...

AWW ..i love it, lessons learned/feelings/hurts/Moving on......Beautifully scripted..x

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