Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So Lohi of LohisCreations tagged me in this,
BTW you should totally visit her blog, she is an amazing cook, and she gives awesome easy to follow recipes.

So here I am participating in my first blogger meme! Here we go!

1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Take a picture of its contents.
3. Explain!
4. Tag as many bloggers as you want, that you'd like to see the contents of their bags.

SO My bag is  Red Guess Bag
I absolutely adore it, when i was looking to buy a "good" handbag, i really didn't want to go with the norm and buy black, so i chose red, its really soft and it has an amazing shape.

Contents (left to right)
1) Current Novel I'm reading - Cathy Kelly's Just Between us, ( i adore Irish writers)
2) Pen and Highlighter, for jotting stuff down
3) My leather Bound Notebook, for my thoughts, i also make a lot of lists for stuff i want to get done
4) Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial hand lotion, for when my hands get white, or when i touch stairs railings and ish
5) lip gloss this is the only item of makeup i carry around, i do all my makeup before i leave the house and it holds, the days when i was in a relationship, id have my makeup purse with me at all times cos hours with the bf can get me looking tussled *coughs*
6)A small bottle of Perfume, for when i forget to spray before leaving * this is Lancome's Miracle* My mum gave me 3 different lancomes 5ml bottles when i was last home,
7) My Wallet, its an Aldo Mustard Wallet, I love the color, it houses all my cards cash pictures and ish.
8)My Glasses: Summer has seen the Sun coming out in full force so yup, my Shades have taking their rightful place in my purse.
9) Apartment Keys, the key holder was a gift when i bought a Vera Wang Perfume during Christmas, its a tiny coin purse, really cute.
10)My Itouch and earphones
11) of course my blackberry, but thats what i am using to take this picture so its not in there right now.
hope u enjoyed this
SO tell me whats in your bag?
If you haven't already done this, pls indulge me


BSNC said...

There is alot of books in my bags lol. Thank goodness i wasn't tagged phew! lol. Your bag is so cute. Can i have it as my graduation gift. thanks you : )

BBB said...

lmao, thanks.
BTW u are automatically tagged since you didn't do it already :p

MsJB said...

That bag is adorable. Wow, this bag thing can actually tell a lot more than one can imagine. I love your style, I detect some great sense of class :)

LohiO said...

hehehehehe nice bag! iLike!

Darbie said...

Beautiful bag! And yes I enjoyed reading this post.

Thanks for your visit! I have been searching for you since then.

BBB said...

@MsJB thanks dear, *shy face*

@Lohi loved your bag too

@Darbie, thanks for stopping by dear

H said...

hahaha...the contents of your bag are almost identical to my bag is a black guess bag.

Bombchell said...

gosh I'm behind on my reading.

your bag is so neat, mine would probably have things from a year ago, yes pretty sad

Spesh said...

I love the red,its a bold move :D
the contents of your bag are pretty cool too.
thanks for stopping by mine x

Blessing said...

Cute bag!

doll said...

nice bag, i love irish authors too!

cosmopolitandiva said...

i love irish readers as well! marian keyes anyone?! just like u i only carry lipgloss in my purse (my make-up lasts 10 hours minimum because of the MAC primer i got thats my new must-have item) thanks for stopping by my blog :)

ayabaodusote said...

nice the color

bimbo said...

nice the color

H said...

hahaha...the contents of your bag are almost identical to my bag is a black guess bag.

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