Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SUE me

So Today i go to this hair store to buy the weave i plan on fixing next and i run into Deji,
He is this guy ive been friends with for a few months.
Really nice and funny, he has taken me to see a movie twice in the past month.
But i think we are just friends, we text each other back and forth, general light hearted texts and ish.
I used to wonder what i would do if he actually came all out and started getting serious, because there is subtle flirting between us.
I already decided that i probably wouldnt like to start up ish with him, majorly becaise * and you wouldnt believe this* i feel he is too into the whole church thing, the last churchy guy i fell for , turned out to be the biggest liar ever, hurt me so bad, and duped me of some money, and i trusted him all in the name of i felt he was God fearing.
I know i shouldnt judge deji based on past experiences but we are meant to learn from mistakes no?
Plus he really is the cliche of the geek, he plays 2 musical instruments, is a computer wiz, listens to classical music....... rme *boring* abi?, funny enough he isnt, he might not be the club, partay guy i am used to but i have fun whenever we hang, its strange.
Anyways seeing as a part of me already decided to push him into friend zone incase anything happened, running into him today changed my mind.

I saw him with a girl, funny thing is we had been texting each other all day, and i thought he was still at work, only to run into him there.
Wonder why when you see another girl with a guy he starts to seem much more interesting, LMAO  *sue me*
But thats exactly what happened, i said Hi, and we talked for a while, teased him and stuff , said hi to the girl * i know her btw* and then he left, said he had to drop her at home.
Now ive been thinking of him since i got home.
I have problems abi! *sigh* i know too


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

lol......awkward sha. you didnt know u liked him till you met him with someone else....

BBB said...

exactly, wonder why that happens, kinda of how we tend to like guys that are in relationships

Blessing said...

lol...we women are something else...hey don't push him too much into the friend zone, sounds like an ok guy!

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