Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 11: Your Family

I am sorry this is late, was out all day, i just got home

My family is pretty close knit, there is my dad, mum, myself, my little sister and brother, lol they aren't so little anymore, my sister is 19 and my brother is 14 :)
We are all really close, my parents brought us up in a support system where we depend on each other, celebrate victories and hug real close in defeats.
I love you is a constant in my house between my mum and my siblings, recently my dad joined, i was so surprised when my dad told me I love you, a couple of weeks back, i guess being apart from us for 6months for the first time in his life is getting to him a lot.
My mum is here with us in Canada but he is in Nigeria.
My family isn't your conventional Nigerian family, for as long as i have known my dad has supported my mother through thick and thin, he married her when she was in the army with no formal university education.
My mother left her fathers house at 14, ran away and joined the army, she trained as a nurse and midwife there and even fought in the Liberian war, when my dad married her, he coached her in her GCE exams and Jamb, she got into University, graduated, she even wrote her final exams while carrying my brother in his 7month in her tummy, she graduated a pharmacist, went on to get her masters, and worked till Chief pharmacist status.
My dad was there all through supporting even without his family's support
For as long as i can remember my mum has made all the major decisions in our household, my dad provides the money and my mum supports financially too and she takes ALL decisions, my dad just takes a back seat, he always proudly says, my mum is "his general" and without her he would be nothing. We call my mum Old soldier sometimes because my mother is the epitome of the strong woman, she would climb a tree to affix a satellite pole, she would pound yam till it draws, and then wear a suit to the office the next day.
My parents have shown me the example of what a family together means, they taught me that when you wake up in the morning family devotion is very important- a family that prays together stays together-, little things as Good morning is important, saying thank you after a meal is important, and most of all, a woman can achieve whatever height she wants too.
When my dad had me he was content to have only one kid, but his mother was on their case till they had my sister and finally my brother, my parents do not care who is male or female, they treats me like i am male AND female, trust me and involve me when they make any major decision in our household.
My brother and sister are stars in my eyes, i love them fiercely and id protect them with my life, after all i have just one sister and one brother, my sister is my best friend and she is the one person i can rely on for EVERYTHING.
My family isn't rich but my parents have thought me that with love, support and most of all God, even the poorest family can look wealthy over the fence.


Dame Sting said...

Nice one.

Myne Whitman said...

Wow, I loved reading this. Thanks for sharing.

uduak said...

WOW! tears! your dad and mum , that@s the way it should be.. i loved every line i read laurenta

Giagerry said...

awwwww! I really loved reading this, ur mama sure sounds like the famous Proverbs 31 woman o! hmm ur sis is just 19? I always thot she was older o.

BBB said...

Thanks guys
My mum is my inspiration, she is one strong woman.

@giagerry yeah she is 19 oh, small rat of a girl

dosh said...

awwwww....this is sweet on so many levels. I love how you speak about your parents, i can feel the love and admiration. This was a good read, bless your heart

dosh said...

awwwww....this is sweet on so many levels. I love how you speak about your parents, i can feel the love and admiration. This was a good read, bless your heart

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