Friday, July 15, 2011

Simulator/ Emulator; problems the average grad research student faces!! :P

I went to CRC yesterday, i was just in awe of it, i asked my professor if he thought it will be possible for a non citizen to work there and he said maybe but it would have to be  a low profile job because you need security clearance and all of that :(

The emulator that the researchers are using in CRC is a CORE emulator, it is super cool, i am thinking maybe that's what i might use for my thesis, Move away GNS and Packet tracer this isnt child's play anymore lol
Seriously though, the CORE emulator was created by the Naval Research Labs in US, it is A for amazing, it also runs OSPF-MDR for Manets so that's a huge plus, problem with using an emulator is that it can be quite unstable and a lot of configurations and metrics aren't originally in place when u get it, you would have to configure and write scripts to get it to the point you need it to be, considering that i have never done that before, it might be a huge challenge to do.
I am thinking of taking a course in Simulation and Modelling in the fall semester so hopefully that might help me a bit.
If i do not use the emulator i might use a simulator created by Georgia Tech called GNetS, it is C++ based and like i said before i am working on learning C++, thats my major problem with it.
Also, it runs on Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, and for some reason i am finding that hard to download i have 2010 but its not compatible with it :s, i wonder why the developers didnt make it dynamic, so because of the Visual studio issue i haven't exactly tested it.
I am going to spend next week comparing the simulator and emulator to decide on my course of action, by God's grace i can get the 2005 visual studio and run the GNetS.

Hopefully my next blog post would not be so boring, i am thinking of reviewing one of the current books i am reading, either Warren Buffets biography (which is pretty awesome by the way) or Game of Thrones ( i am addicted to this book) already ordered Book 2.
Thanks for stopping by.


*Michael Onobote* said...

Hia! I hate programming to the core. No offenses buh I tried learning C++ at a time like that. I guess I didn't pass the preface of the pdf.

For you to say move away GNS, then GNetS must be bad. Dunno why my router IOS never loads on mine. Kernel problem they say.

I hope you get to sort out the little challenges. Till then. CIAO

AliceO said...

loool, yes oh! GNS is definitely childs play where these simulators are,
i hated programming too, ut its a necessary evil, now i wish i paid it more attention,

little steps though, i am getting there

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