Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 19: Five Items you Lust After

Id just get straight to it

My ideal wishlist, i have this list on my Wall at the moment, i am a huge list person, this is posted on my wall to remind me of all the things i want to get.

1) A Bicycle, a really light Carbon Frame Bicycle.
2) An Ipad, this has been on this list tooo long, i keep buying shoes and eating into the money
3) A Guitar, *sigh* i saw this amazing one a while back!
4) A ticket and all expense paid trip to Disney Land
5) The new Bold when Blackberry decides to release it.

NOTE: i have all these posted on my wall, reminding me to save and get them for myself, i am not expecting any prince charming to save the day, i have to work my butt off, *sigh*

PS: My birthday was amazing, infact the best ive had in yearssssss


H said...

You want to go to disney?...that's cute.

I want an expense paid trip to Rome...

Do u play the guitar already or are u just hoping to learn?

doll said...

Happy birthday in arrears. sorry i am late, seems like your blog doesn't update on my roll o!

Trust you had a blast

Here is wishing you the very best of life! may your dreams come true

seye said...

I could borrow you my guitar :)

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